WordPress Security

I recently found myself right in the crosshairs of a brute force attack on a couple different WordPress sites by someone who was adamantly trying to login. I wasn't really all that worried - I've made sure to follow my own advice regarding security.

But it was annoying.

How do I work on redesigning my site without disrupting my live site?

When it comes to do-it-yourself web design you have to set yourself up for success. You don't want to break your website by making changes live.

LeadPages Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

I started using LeadPages a while back and it's been a fantastic tool for not only my own projects, but for my clients as well. 

Foundation 5 with JQuery Masonry in WordPress

Foundation 5 is by far my favorite framework to build sites. I've built my business site with it, and I've built several client sites with it since I learned about it a while back.

Long Tail Pro Discount

If you're looking for the Long Tail Pro discount, unfortunately, that sale has ended.

But if you're looking to learn a little more about Long Tail Pro, then by all means, please continue.

Genesis Framework

I've spent a lot of time trying to find a good solution for creating a custom header section for Genesis themes. So now that I've found a solution, I figured I need to make note of it to make sure that when I need to reference it again in the future I've got it somewhere handy.

Much thanks to my friend Daniel Lewis over at the Audacity to Podcast for the tip on this one - without him, I wouldn't have known about it!

One of the resources I've been doing a lot of research on lately is HubSpot. There are a lot of very exciting things in that tool, and while I'm kicking tires on the HubSpot sled, I've started using a couple of their free tools to get a better idea of how everything works.

WPLaunch - Launching Your New WordPress Site

A while back I talked about a new service that I was setting up to help with WordPress site setup. The whole goal of what I’m trying to do there is to remove barriers for people to get started with their sites. No barriers, no excuses.

Orracle Hosting Gets Better - New Premium Backups Available

One of the biggest requests I’ve had for a long time is for a great backup solution at Orracle Hosting.

We’ve used a couple different solutions, but I was never really completely satisfied with those options. But I’ve finally found a solution that is a perfect fit for my clients at Orracle Hosting.


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