2 Crucial Things To Avoid When Starting Your Self-Hosted Website

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 7

When it comes to starting your self-hosted WordPress website, there are a few things you need to have in place that are essential for every successful site. But there are a couple things that, when you’re getting started, you have to avoid at all costs. In today’s episode I go over what those things are and how to make your launch for your new site a success.


Welcome back, everyone. I’m Rob Orr and this is The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. I wanted to just talk about something this morning that I think it’s been coming up a lot. I think that is a big challenge for a lot of people when they’re trying to get started with their website.

I had a call yesterday with a potential customer. We were just talking through what they needed. One of the things that keep coming up as I’m talking to folks about getting started with their website is what they need. It seems to be oddly enough I should say that so many people just don’t know what it is that they need to do to get started.

I’m not sure where people get their information from. I know that people see the different platforms that are out there for the bigger names, the people that are inspiring them in their space whether it’s somebody like Michael Hyatt or Pat Flynn or Amy Porterfield or Melyssa Griffin, or any of those kinds of people. They have these beautiful websites.

So when you are just deciding that you’re going to get started, you’re not really all that sure where you need to go to get your stuff. It’s really challenging and a lot of times what people think is that, “Hey, I need to contact a web developer or a web designer and have somebody design a website for me.”

One of the big things that come up really quickly, once they do that is that they figure out that, “Hey, I can’t afford that.” It’s incredibly expensive to hire a web designer and developer to get started out of the box with a custom website design.

One of the things that I’ve been telling people for the longest time is that when you’re just getting started with your platform whether it’s a blog, or you’re trying to do a website of some kind, you don’t need stuff that is super crazy, custom designed especially when it comes to blogs. Because first of all in most instances folks like that can’t afford that.

If you’re trying to kind of live your dream and start your own blog and start to build a side hustle for yourself and try to generate some side income, or you’re trying to build a following and trying to build a community around an issue that is particularly close to your heart, or you have an area of expertise that is your sweet spot so to speak that you just love writing about dog training, or you love teaching guitar whatever you’re particular case may be. It gets started.

I see it all the time talking to people that they think that they want to have a custom website design, but that’s really not what they need. They don’t have the budget for it. I covered this in an article on my blog a while back, but the needs for folks that are getting started with their website or getting started online are pretty simple especially if they’re starting with WordPress.

And when it comes to starting with WordPress, there are a few key things that you need. Some are a little bit trickier than others. The one thing that you definitely have to avoid at all costs when you’re getting started with your website is getting caught up in the design piece of this.

It’s why I recommend when you’re getting started to go with a theme that you can install, that you like the way it looks and that you can just be done with it because I see this all the time.

It’s in the conversations that I have with clients and potential clients. It’s in the groups on Facebook where I’m talking to people. It’s a huge thing for people where they get so bogged down in worrying about design from day one.

My thing is, don’t get caught up in all of that. It doesn’t matter. At the beginning, in all honesty, not that many people outside of your immediate friends and family are going to be looking at your website to begin with.

So getting stuck on this color or that font or this page looking exactly this way is a great way to procrastinate and waste a lot of time. Instead of doing what you should be doing which is focusing on your content and shipping your art, I’ve had some folks that have come through WPLaunch that have gotten stuck on that, too.

Because with WPLaunch the whole point behind WPLaunch is so that we can get you exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t and put all of the building blocks in place together for you so that you can start going on your website immediately. I remember I had been going back and forth and support tickets with a couple of different clients.

They want to be able to change the fonts in their theme. They want to be able to change the colors. They want to rearrange things and I’m like, “Look, you should really stop worrying about this stuff because this is not at all what you need to be need to be focusing on.”

Like I said, nobody’s going to be seeing your site for the most part. I mean granted people are going to see it, but it means a lot less to them than it will to you.

If you use a theme that you’re comfortable with, that looks good, that’s installed and it’s configured correctly, man, you should just be worried about cranking out your content and building your audience and building your email list and focusing in on doing the things that you need to do which is the ultimate reason that you started your website to begin with, right?

So when it comes to getting started, I just wanted to throw that out there for you, if you are struggling with getting started with your website and you’re not sure what you need and or you are struggling with getting stuck on the design part of this. You just need some basics in place.

You really need a simple solution and thinking about themes one more thing that comes to mind is the theme that you want to use. It’s all about finding something that’s going to be simple for you to manage.

Because another thing that happens is people go to theme forest or one of these other WordPress theme sites and they look at these elaborate beautiful themes and they’re incredible. They have all these micro-animations and interactions.

These things they just look amazing, but they are so unbelievably cumbersome to manage. If you’re trying to go the DIY route and do everything yourself, those things are incredibly tough to get in place and to get configured.

Again, it’s the whole idea that you’re getting stuck focused on stuff that you don’t need to be focused on. You should be worried about content and create getting your pages and creating your offers in your sales funnel and trying to figure out how you’re going to get traffic to your site not getting stuck in the weeds of trying to figure out how to put the page builder together and figure out how to make your site look like the demo site which if you look at those demo sites a lot of times there’s lots of really great professional photography whether it’s stock photography, or photography that they’ve commissioned themselves as the theme authors.

And then you have to be able to replicate that in your theme yourself. Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there for you. Don’t get stuck on this design stuff.

If you’re getting started with a website, don’t get stuck on that. Find a theme. StudioPress makes great themes. You are good to go with them right out of the box.

They’re lightweight. They are not overwhelming with a lot of different features and functionality. They’re really probably, I think out of all of the premium themes that are out there for WordPress, I think that they are the best when it comes to a plug and play theme meaning that you can just simply install it, configure a couple things and go.

That’s what I’ve got for today. If you’re getting started, WPLaunch is a perfect solution to help you to figure out exactly what you need. We will do all that stuff for you so that you can focus in on shipping your art and creating your content and doing those things.

Again, let’s just focus in on what you’re trying to do. Don’t get bogged down in all the stuff that comes along with trying to become a web designer when you’re not a web designer.

That’s what I’ve got for today. Hope that helps. Until next time. I’m Rob Orr. Take care.

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