3 Things New Online Entrepreneurs Struggle With

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 44

There are a few things that it seems everyone struggles with when they’re getting started building and launching an online business. These are the kinds of things that can slow you down and end up frustrating you. I know because it’s happened to me too. And I’ve seen these things happen to lots of people new to digital marketing and the online world lately, so I want to take a minute and hop on to Facebook Live to shine a light on these things so, if you’re just getting started, you can avoid them and keep them from wrecking your progress!

Starting An Online Business

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to Adventures in Digital Marketing. My name is Rob Orr. I am the host of this show. Today, we’re going to be talking about something that I have been seen pop up a lot lately. So if you are seeing this live, I’m actually doing this on Facebook Live.

You can hop on there if you go to digitalmarketingmasteryhq.com. If you want to join the group that way you can go and join in the group there.

Anyway, the big thing that I want to talk about today, again, is if you don’t know anything about this podcast or you don’t know anything or you’re new to seeing the different kinds of content that I create.

A lot of times I talk about things that I run into when I am talking to people online or questions that I get via email or issues that I see popping up in different groups, in different conversations those kinds of things.

One of the big things that I have seen recently is and I’ve actually talked about this I think on other podcasts, too. These are some of the things that people are struggling with. If they’re new to online business, they’re new to trying to build and launch a website or they’re trying to do something online where they’re trying to earn money or trying to get traffic, those kinds of things.

We’re going to talk about three quick things real quick in today’s episode of The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast so what I’m going to actually do with this is I’m going to pull the audio off of this and this is actually going to go over and be published to the podcast as well. So if your subscriber there, thank you for that.

I’m very excited about you being part of that. Thank you for taking time out of your day to do that kind of thing. Anyway, when we’re getting started, it’s really hard to get the ball moving because we don’t really know what we don’t know. It becomes a big struggle trying to figure out where we need to go.

Struggle #1: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Where are your ideal customers hanging out? Where are the interactions, questions, and discussions happening ? Check out forums and Google and things. Those things all help, but one of the other big things is you just don’t know what you don’t know. It’s very helpful to get somebody to help you kind of put things in perspective that may have done this.

I remember back to when I first got started trying to do stuff online. It was an absolute nightmare. I had no idea still I’m trying to learn, but I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea about it. I don’t even know how to begin building a website.

I had no idea even where to turn to find good advice. I mean that’s part of the reason behind the content that you see on my blog is because it’s about trying to provide the answers to the questions that I had when I was first getting started so that maybe you can accelerate and move past some of those barriers that I’ve had.

Anyway, the challenges though that we face when we’re getting started are big. These are three of the big things that I want you to think about. If you’re just getting started, if you’re trying to build and launch a website or you trying to start an online business, these are three things that you want to stay away from entirely.

Struggle #2: Focusing On The Wrong Things

Alright, so number one, I call it majoring in the minors. What that means is you’re doing lots of work and other things that are not your sweet spot. That’s a big thing. Because when you’re first getting started, you don’t really know what you need to do. It rarely does it cross your mind that you might be able to get some help with that.

So what ends up happening is people are wanting to learn how to become web designers. This is a big one that I have seen on several occasions. In fact, a question that I got just the other day was, what WordPress theme should I be using if I’m just getting started?

I did a whole podcast about that by itself. I’m not going to rehash all that here. But, what happens is when you choose the wrong theme, you end up trying to become something you’re not which is a web designer, right?

So unless you’re trying to start a web design business becoming a web designer is really not something that you need to do. You end up trying to figure out all these things. You’re trying to figure out how to build a theme and how to design a logo and how to do all of these different kinds of things.

And yet, that’s not the reason that you got started to begin with. The reason that you got started is because you wanted to publish content. You wanted to get online. You wanted to be able to do your thing.

You wanted to start earning money or learning how to do affiliate marketing or any number of those kinds of things, but you end up getting stuck in the details of doing things that you don’t need to do. One of the things that you’ve got to stay away from when you were first getting started is majoring in the minors.

Figure Out The Who Not The How

Stay away from that. Get the help that you need to get because that’s number two on the list. The second thing that I want to talk about with you guys is as somebody who’s just getting started, you end up worrying about figuring out the how instead of the “who”. Russell Brunson talks about this in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

It’s true. I love the way that he crystallized this thought. It’s really a matter of trying to figure out how to do things. That’s the wrong thing that you need to do.

This is a time that you need to be investing in accelerating. If you need to get set up with a self-hosted WordPress site as an example, you can use my service which is WPLaunch –  you go there. We do all of the technical details for you. Get you your theme set up, your domain, your hosting.

All of those things are going to be done for you so that you can focus in on doing what you are aiming to do which is to build a business or to build a blog or to start a website or whatever the motive is there. You figure out the “who” not the how so you delegate away the tasks that you’re not going to be great at.

Again, you end up spending months and months and months doing things that you don’t need to be doing. You’re wasting time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen different people talking about how they’re still been working on their website for like two or three months. It’s ridiculous. That they’ve been working on their website for so long and yet they still haven’t launched.

They’re working with the theme. They’re trying to figure out how to use Divi or they’re trying to figure out how to one of the other page builder plugins which is a complete waste of time. Instead, what you need to be doing is building your content.

Find a theme that you can live with and get it installed and get it done professionally. Let us do it for you or let somebody else do it. Figure it out. For the love of God, don’t get stuck in the weeds of doing the tech stuff when you don’t need to be. Figure out the “who” not the how.

That’s the concept that Russell taught. It’s something that will make all the difference in trying to get things started. It will help you to stay focused on the things that you need to do. Number one, stay away from majoring in the minors. You’re not trying to become a web developer.

You are trying to become a blogger or you’re trying to be a creator, or you’re starting a photography website. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Stay away from the things that are not going to be in your wheelhouse as the things that you’re going to be the best at doing. Does that make sense?

Then the next one is, don’t waste time figuring out the how when you should be figuring out the “who”. Russell says it the opposite way. He says, figure out the “who” not the how. They both mean the same thing. You need to be figuring out who you can get that’s going to be able to help you speed up the process of doing the thing that you are trying to do online. Does that make sense?

Struggle #3: Shiny Object Syndrome

Finally, here’s probably the biggest one is called “shiny object syndrome”. Everybody is susceptible to this. This is something that everybody gets caught up in. The newness, the excitement, the opportunities that you see.

It’s amazing that the different things once you start spending some time online and figuring out the different kinds of things that you can do, you’re going to be blown away. Yeah, I can do affiliate marketing and I can sell this product and I can do videos and I can do this.

You start to go crazy with figuring out the different things that you can do. That is definitely not where you want to spend your time. I promise you, this is a conversation that I have just about every day either with somebody on Facebook Messenger or an email or talking to one of my clients.

It’s stay focused on what you are trying to do and then get really awesome at that before you move on to do something else. I got an email the other day from somebody who was, they didn’t hardly even understand the concept of what a website was.

They didn’t understand what domains were. They didn’t understand anything about hosting. They didn’t understand any of that stuff. It was crazy. And yet they were also talking about how they were thinking about they might like to do a membership site.

That they probably want to do videos and they might want to do a podcast. This person sent me a couple different links to sites that they liked. I’m like, “Whoa, slow your roll.” None of that stuff is important as the first step which is get online. Get your website built. Get it launched and start creating content.

That’s the only thing if you’re getting started that you need to be worried about doing in the first step. That’s what I really wanted to encourage you with and challenge you with today.

If you are trying to get started online with your online business, don’t major in the minors. Don’t try to figure out the how when you should be figuring out the “who”. Then finally, avoid the shiny object syndrome as much as you humanly can because I guess that no shortage of things that you can do online.

It’s very easy to get caught up in all of that. It’s very exciting about some of the things that you can do. Don’t get caught up in it. So if you are getting started and you need help, go to https://wplaunch.com/. We can help you out with that.

Also, it doesn’t have to be https://wplaunch.com/ just focus on the next thing. Take the next step. Do the next thing. Publish your blog daily instead of trying to worry about membership sites and products and all this other crazy stuff, just do the next thing. I was listening to another video today. A friend of mine, Alan Dean was interviewing Julie Stoian.

She had gone and taken her kids to go see frozen 2 and one of the lines from the movie was, just do the next right thing. I did the same thing. I took my daughter and my wife. We went to go see that movie ourselves.

It was funny. I got a kick out of that because when I watched that interview with Julie, it was the same effect. That was like the one thing that I took away from the movie. Because it was just “do the next right thing”.

You don’t have to have the whole path figured out in order for you to take the next step on your path in your digital marketing adventure. I hope that makes sense. I hope that helps. I would love to see more folks participating in this live so if you’re hearing this on the podcast, definitely go to digitalmarketingmasteryhq.com.

Get signed up for the group. I want to see you there. And if you were on the live and you want to just hear it on the podcast, you can pick it up anywhere podcasts are online. We’re in all the major places for that.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you guys are doing awesome. Like I said, take the next step in your digital marketing adventure and until the next time. We will talk to you later. Bye

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