5 Things You Didn’t Know About Starting An Online Business

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 82

In this video I uncover 5 things you didn’t know about starting an online business and how being ignorant of these things CAN and WILL hurt you!

When it comes to starting an online business most give up in frustration because they can’t make any progress or enough to make it worth their time.

But when this happens your problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

In this case ignorance is NOT bliss!

When you miss any one of these points you run the risk of derailing your online business efforts!

I’m uncovering 5 critical factors that are essential to a successful online business – you don’t want to miss this one!


If you’re thinking about starting an online business, I want you to stop right now. Today, I’m going to cover for you five things that you didn’t know about starting an online business. You ready? Let’s go.

In case we haven’t met before, my name is Rob Orr. I’m a web designer and developer who is absolutely obsessed with digital marketing and online business. Today, I’m going to cover for you five things you probably didn’t know about starting an online business.

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If you’ve ever thought about starting an online business, I need you to listen really closely to what I’m going to talk about today because these five keys will make all the difference in the world when it comes to having a successful online business. Let’s go.

Number one, without an audience, you can do nothing. Without an audience, even your best products and services are going to struggle at best. Any online business is successful has a thriving community of people that know like and trust who you are.

The second thing that you probably didn’t know about starting an online business is that if you don’t know who your dream customer is, who are you really talking to? Do you have any idea whatsoever who it is that you are trying to help?

Figuring out who your dream client is, is the absolute most important thing that you can do because otherwise your messaging is off, your products and services are going to just be out there amidst all of the cat videos, and all the other crazy stuff that is on the internet these days.  You’ve got to know who your dream customer is because you need to know what they need so you can help them.

Number three, customers are not interested in your product or service. They’re interested in the solution that your product or service delivers for them. I get this.

I understand this really clearly because I know it’s something that I’ve struggled with myself. When you are creating a product or service that you want to deliver online, it’s easy to get caught up in talking about all of the features and all of the different things that your products and services can do?

We like to get into what we call technobabble about this feature does this and you can do this and then all these things. That just goes right over people’s heads. Your customers don’t care about your product or service. They care about the solution that your product or service can deliver for them. Focus on that in your market.

Number four on our list is this concept which is you never ever want to build your business or build your platform on a platform that you can control. I’m talking about Facebook.

I’m talking about YouTube. I’m talking about any of the social media platforms out there. If that is your only place where you have the ability to connect with your customers and clients, you’re doing it wrong.

You need to have a central platform funnel which is a place online that you have complete control over. There’s lots of talk these days about organic marketing on Facebook and that stuff really works. It’s definitely effective.

I do the same thing myself, but one of the things that I do is to make sure to attract those people into my community. I get their name on my email list. If in the instance that Mr. Zuckerberg decides that he doesn’t want to allow Facebook groups, and anymore and all of those avenues are cut off, I still have my list. You don’t want to give up control of your platform so that somebody else can make a change in their policy and then you’re out of luck. You must control your own platform.

Number five on our list, without a network, you’re going to fail. When it comes to online business, you’ve got to have connections. You have to have partners. You have to have people to help you to get to the next step in your business to help spread your message. You have to have people to help validate what it is that you’re doing online so that their audiences can know about what’s going on.

You do that by building relationships with your peers and with friends in your community that can help you to distribute your message. You want to be able to get in front of their audience and be able to deliver your message and to be able to expand your exposure and grow your own audience.

Those are the five things that you probably didn’t know about starting an online business. Like I said at the beginning, if you master these things, if you nail each one of these things, you’re going to have a successful online business.

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