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Group Implementation Lab

I get it.

Building an online business is tough.

Maybe you’ve had a little bit of success with your blog, or website.

Maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of what building an online business can REALLY look like and what that could mean for your life.

If I’ve learned anything about digital marketing it’s that you absolutely MUST have an audience or your business will flop.

Without a community of raving fans who are eagerly anticipating your next move success will always be beyond your reach.

I know it to be true because I’ve lived it myself.

I spent years shouting out into the void hoping that something would catch on.

I’d have a small win here or there.

Just enough to really get me hungry for leveling up.

And after all those years of struggling in frustration I’ve been able to break through to an entirely new level.

After all, we all have to start somewhere, right?

The key is to build a community of raving fans who need what you can give them.

That’s exactly what we’re going to show you in the Group Implementation Lab.

We’re showing you the behind-the-scenes stuff that we’ve tested out ourselves. And we know this stuff works from our own experience.

And by the way – when I say “we” – I mean the “GIL Team” which is myself, Samantha Gooden, Amanda Fitz Seymour, Irina Poddubnaia, and Jaedyn Yu – four amazing and extraordinary ladies who are EXCEPTIONALLY good at what they do.

The Group Implementation Lab is a no-frills, strategy and tactic-rich training program that we – the GIL Team – are leading you through to be successful in finding, connecting, and engaging with your ideal dream customer who’s ready to buy from you.

  • Prime your social media feeds so that you get maximum exposure on your content
  • Become a magnet for your dream customers and attract your audience on autopilot
  • Proven ways to escalate and accelerate engagement with your audience
  • The exact types of social media posts you need to use to maximize your exposure
  • How to build your email list automatically and easily without having to create complex lead magnets
  • Do all this and more without being at the mercy and whim of Facebook and be in control of your digital platform
  • and a LOT more!

Seats are limited and we’ve already sold several, so don’t mess around and miss out on this!

You can sign up for Group Implementation Lab here:


The beta price is only $97 and we’ve already sold spots at this no-brainer price. Once they’re gone, the only way to get in will be when we roll out our major launch at $297.

This price is a no-brainer.

Click here to get on board: https://groupimplementationlab.com/join-now

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