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meHi – I’m Rob Orr, and I’m a web developer who thrives on helping people ship their art.

Here’s How I Can Help

There is more to building a business online than installing WordPress and cranking out content. I believe that if you want to be taken seriously that you have to come to the game ready to play. I’m convinced that having a great looking blog or website is useless if it doesn’t deliver something sticky and valuable.

That means that your site needs to be awesome on a number of levels and you need to have a plan. My blog is specifically geared to be a resource for those who own, manage and/or want to get started with their own website. Whether it’s a blog, a niche site, an e-commerce store, a company site, or some sort of hybrid you will find help here.

Have you ever found yourself asking:

  • How do I manage my website?
  • Where can I get honest, actionable feedback on my website?
  • What do I need to do to make it look great?
  • What do I need to know about website hosting?
  • How do I find the right tools to help me achieve my goals for my website?
  • What do I really need to know about SEO in a language I can understand?
  • Who do I need to be listening to and connect with?
  • How do I build my website strategy?
  • How do I market and promote my website?

These are all questions I answer here. So think of this site as a laboratory, or a workshop where you’ll learn things that you can do right now to help you grow.

Here are few of my best posts


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some really awesome people. Here are just a couple and what they have to say:


Working with Rob Orr has been incredible. I’ve worked with a handful of website developers in the past and they’ve all fallen by the wayside. Rob is the only one who has consistently provided great service, quick turnarounds, and detailed work at the same time. While I have opinions, I never hesitate to let him take control whenever he feels compelled. I’ve always trusted in Rob’s work and he’s never let me down. I’ve referred many clients to Orracle Media and they’ve all walked away with incredible designs that are useful and work just as they’re designed.

Justin Lukasavige,


There are a lot of people offering various web solutions. I was strongly referred to Orracle Media by a trusted friend who’s involved in a lot of business. I paid more, but I needed more. I need something done well and right. I got what I paid for. Actually…more. Rob and his team are who you need when you need pro grade work done.

Kevin Miller, Founder


I’m a very small business guy, and after 5 years it was finally time to make an investment into my website so it could finally have that much-needed professional look. There are really two parts to a website: the look (which we notice), and how it works (which we don’t notice when it’s running smoothly). Rob Orr is a pro who understands both of these very well, as you can tell by the work he did on my site. To say that Rob exceeded my expectations would be quite an understatement. It was also nice working with someone as responsive as Rob.

Bill Wilkinson,


I was introduced to Orracle Media though an SEO company I hired that had used them in the past. Our goal was to take an out of date website and recreate it to be a very eye catching and user friendly website that was up to date and SEO friendly. I wanted to be able to bring in our current color’s and artwork into the website as well to really round out our “brand”. This was not an easy task since there are a lot of textures in our colors. Rob did an amazing job being able to reconstruct and match what we already use. He was very timely throughout the process and had very good communication with me on what I was looking for. We have had many comments this summer on how great the website is both in appearance as well as being user friendly. Now that we have had a few months of activity on our website I am looking at adding more to it and fine-tuning some of the details. I’m so happy I used Orracle Media since now I have someone I can trust to help in the growing process. I am now an Orracle Media customer and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dylan Scott, Owner, Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours

About Rob Orr

I’m originally from Atlanta Georgia, but I grew up in Orlando. I married my best friend in 2003 and in 2005 we had a daughter who reminds me every day how lucky I am. I’m a family first kind of guy. My wife and my daughter are the most important things to me in the world.

I’m a huge sports guy. Saturday afternoons in the fall are devoted to college football and my alma mater in particular. I’m also a huge Atlanta Braves fan having grown up going to games at the old Fulton County Stadium with my dad, even getting Dale Murphy’s autograph during batting practice one time.

I graduated from Florida State in 2000 and promptly joined the corporate world. I had the opportunity to work with some great companies as a vendor and employee but it became pretty clear that this wasn’t for me. Conference calls scheduled at 6 am have a way of helping you put priorities in order. That nagging itch of doing something more meaningful, and doing it on my terms, needed to be scratched and I made the move to what I do now.


Orracle Media is my web design and development business. We are a business who thrives on creativity and building awesome tools to help people do business on the internet. Orracle Media is all about helping you step out on to the web and do business, launch your business, blog, create, engage, publish your novel, or otherwise ship something in some form – on the internet and do it well.


These days, I’m also the head code wrangler at Onyx where I get to be part of a team of highly talented people building “beautiful things”. We’re doing some pretty big work here and primarily doing it in Drupal. But it’s not just about web development although that’s part of it. We’re a business design firm helping businesses uncover their authentic identity, inspire innovation, unlock their potential and “make beautiful things happen.”

Here are answers to a few questions that I know you’re dying to read: Who do you work with? Several years ago I started a web design and development business focused on bloggers, e-commerce merchants, small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. My main goal has been to help people build something of value so they would be able to follow their passion and ship their art. Why do you do it? It’s really about solving problems, building cool stuff, helping people, and teaching. I love building stuff. Always have. I started writing code as a kid, forgot about it as a teenager, then rediscovered it as an adult. But it’s not just code. I actively participated in building our house, repaired some of our electronic gadgets, and both of our cars, and have recently built two stand-up desks, among other things. I almost went back to college to become an engineer. Figuring things out and building cool stuff is what gets my blood pumping. What are other business things you’re interested in? I have a particular affinity for online entrepreneurship and marketing. I’m intrigued by SEO and internet marketing. But not the sleazy, spammy internet marketing. The good stuff. Delivering real value, and how to do it effectively. Why should I work with you? Because I dig in with my clients and make sure we get it right. I become your zealous advocate for building an awesome platform. Bottom line is I care. What’s your coffee of choice these days? I’ve switched to the fresh ground stuff from Grassroots Coffee in Thomasville, Georgia. Outstanding coffee and I still drink it black. What about beer – what’s your favorite? Innis & Gunn – absolutely outstanding. So good it will make you cry. Mac or PC? I’m actually now a Mac guy. I switched to a Mac several months back and have to say I’ve been nothing but absolutely pleased. My PC finally quit and I was resolved that I wasn’t going to go through the latest attempt to recapture the success of Windows XP. Microsoft may wake up one day and figure out that they’ve been left behind. What are your skills? I’m a full-time Web Designer and Developer working primarily with Drupal and WordPress. I also work with Drupal Commerce, Ubercart, and Magento Community Edition along with WooCommerce, and FoxyCart for e-commerce solutions.

I work in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks every day with Fireworks being by far my favorite. That one is followed closely by Illustrator and I use Sublime Text 2 for my primary coding text editor.

I’m always learning, but I find myself working with PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery depending on the need. Ruby on Rails will be the next one for me to tackle. I’ve got an extensive background in sales from my former life that, oddly enough, I find very useful these days in my work in web development.

How can I get in touch with you to work together?

You can contact me here through my blog, or you can find me on any of the usual social media channels below.