Amateurs practice until they get it right…

One of the best ways for me to learn anything

I learn more from watching other people do their thing than just about anything else that I can think of or remember.

Watching over someone’s shoulder while they’re teaching me about their experience, what’s worked for them and what hasn’t is pure gold for me.

It’s helped me grow as a developer more than I can tell you. And it’s helped me in how I build my online business in so many ways.

Sometimes I listen less to what they’re saying and more to what they’re actually doing.

Like showing up every day.

Or how they handle themselves in their videos.

Or how they engage on social media.

For me, it’s constant refining and practice.

And practice is what teaches me what works and what doesn’t.

And I wanted to share what I’m learning with you.

There’s a quote I heard one time from the former head coach at Florida State Jimbo Fisher, who was talking about practice and he said this:

“Amateurs practice until they get it right, we practice until we can’t get it wrong.”

In fact, I did a video on it a few days back that you can see here.

I was floored by that statement. It was one of those HUGE “aha” moments for me.

If we’re friends on Facebook, then you’ve noticed that for a while now, I’ve been going live every weekday – at least once. Sometimes twice a day!

And it’s been amazing to see how much that’s helped me and my business.

My inbox is full of messages from people who – for whatever reason would rather message me than comment sometimes – are following along and learning from my experience.

And all I’m doing is documenting my journey and sharing the things I’m learning along the way.

And I’m committed to getting great at it.

I want to invite you to join me on my own journey as I’m sharing stuff every day that has helped me, helped my clients, and hopefully might help you with where you’re at with your own work.

These videos are completely raw and unproduced (who has that kind of time?!?) unlike my other videos, but there a lot of fun for me to do, and they’re getting a great response.

I’ve got the archives posted on my YouTube channel here.

Or you can get them as a podcast on iTunes here.

Or you can friend me on Facebook and join me live each morning around 8am here.

Would love to have you as you watch what I’m doing and who knows – something I share just might be the difference for you and what you’re trying to accomplish!

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