Being A Source of Light & Hope – How To Serve Your Audience During A Crisis

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 59

Instead of getting all wrapped up in all that’s scary and wrong in the world right now – and there is plenty of that to go around – I think it’s vital that we all focus on what we can do to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

There are people fighting over bottled water and toilet paper (seriously – that’s a thing) because they’re scared. As creators, we have to focus on how we can speak into the world of our audience and provide help and solutions instead of fear and panic. That’s what we’re talking about in this episode.


How to Serve Your Audience During A Crisis

Good morning, everybody. Welcome back to Adventures in Digital Marketing. My name is Rob Orr. I’m the host of this show. I wanted to get on this morning because I think we as a society, need to take a minute and take a step back and get a little bit of perspective.

Right now, obviously, we’re all dealing with all of the chaos that is associated with the Coronavirus and all of the upheaval and the disruption that is going around right now is really unprecedented. I remember, back to September 11 in 2001.

That’s the only thing that I can really compare this to, in terms of the scope of impact on our world and the immediate things that we deal with in our day to day life. Right now though, this one is, I kind of compare it to the proverb about September 11th was kind of like the proverb about the frog in a pot of boiling water.

So, you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water and the frog immediately will jump out, but the Coronavirus is more like the slow and steady increase of the heat where the frog will just sit in there and boil to death. The thing is right now is, I think for all of us, it’s really important to keep perspective, and to remember your why, and to stay focused on that.

Take Precautions

Now, obviously we need to be doing our due diligence and taking the precautions that are recommended by the authorities, the CDC, your local leaders making sure that you’re not contributing to the problem as a whole. Obviously, it should go without saying, but I’d say it anyway just for the sake of clarity.

Otherwise, the craziness that’s going on, and people are losing their minds right now— stockpiling toilet paper, and clearing shelves and grocery stores for cleaning products, and all of this kind of stuff. The hand sanitizers and the one thing that I’ve seen kind of recurring on social media that I think is really funny is, the people are talking about, why did it take this seeming apocalypse for people to start washing their hands? I mean, what have they been doing for the rest of the time. It’s kind of gross when you think about it, but it’s true.

Anyway, but in terms of, what we’re doing in a day to day world, I think that we have to take into account all of these things. We have to be wise and be focused in on what we’re supposed to be doing, just doing our due diligence, but we also need to see how this stuff is going to affect our day to day lives from a work perspective and a business perspective.

Leading in our Audiences

So on Friday, I talked about in my podcast, the things that we need to be doing in our business. I think that really remains true and will be because as content creators and producers, we need to be leading our audiences in giving them the inner information through our perspective as thought leaders for what is important to keep in mind for them during this time.

I made a comment about, what our travel bloggers going to do during this time? If I was a travel blogger, what I would be doing is continuing to produce content from my perspective as a travel blogger. Maybe it shifts to how to work with travel agencies or airlines about getting refunds or getting rebooked.

Continue to Give Information

What are your top tips on how to communicate with hotels and places like that where you have to end up rescheduling stuff that you had planned? I know here in Florida, they’re talking about places are obviously the Disneyland or Disney World Resort here in Orlando has been closed in same for all of the parks, I think throughout the world now.  What do you do?

If you’re a travel blogger, how are you communicating with your people to give them the information that they need so that you can be a resource for them during this time? That’s really what I wanted to kind of dial in on is we need to continue to produce content and can continue being a resource and a leader in our space during this time.

We do that by continuing to produce thoughtful content and giving people resources that they need. My friend Alex Elliot has pointed out that we are in terms of people being at home in an unprecedented time, because there are going to be millions upon millions of people that are now going to be home that are going to have little outs to do other than be on the internet and just browsing around on the internet and trying to pass the time.

So, what are we going to do as business leaders, as bloggers as, as producers and creators during this time to reach these people in a meaningful way? We’re all looking for a little bit of relief and a little bit of escape.

Sports are gone. So, people are going to be on Facebook. We have the ability to engage with that audience there and to really produce thoughtful content there and engage with people and do something positive. That’s really where I was going to with what I’m saying at the beginning of this podcast is going back to your why.

Why are you doing this, if your mission with your business, your blog, whatever it is, is to have impact on people? Well, obviously, it’s not going to be just to have impact on people during the times that are great, during the times that are easy, during the times that are normal.

You need to continue to produce and be resource for those people because the old proverb remains true that when there is uncertainty, there’s also opportunity. This is an opportunity to expand your reach and expand your audience by being a beacon of light during this time with your business and with your content that you’re producing.

Don’t Stop Producing and Selling

So I don’t want any of us to stop producing and stop selling and stop being a resource during this time and quite the opposite. We need to keep things moving and keep the economic engine moving.  There’s going to be new opportunities for people to start online businesses where people are going to be shuttered from their jobs.

They’re going to be home. They’re not going to be able to work. They’re going to be looking for new ways to earn money online. So that gives us as content creators and producers and thought leaders in the online business space the opportunity to reach those people with meaningful content that is going to help them.

That’s really at the core of all of this is, we have to help people with our expertise during this time. Especially for those of us that are our training and teaching about how to build online businesses, whether it is ecommerce or digital marketing, or affiliate marketing or whatever the case may be.

We need to continue to be thought leaders and give people the information they need to be able to provide for their families during this time. That’s really what I’ve got for today, nothing really much deeper than that. Lots of people are really scared and I’d be lying if I say that I wasn’t concerned.

My friend Andy Traub put something on his Facebook this morning that I thought was really interesting. He said, he’s starting a group where he wants men to come together and talk about these things. He says that, he’s more concerned about the reaction of people to the virus than the virus itself.

Obviously, I know Andy well enough, and I know that he’s not concerned about the health ramifications of the Coronavirus. But, he is, I think, rightfully, a little bit more alarmed at the way that our society is reacting to this virus.

Like I said, we need to be those beacons of light and opportunities for good to come out of this, to help people to be focused in on the things that they need to be focused in on during this time. So that’s what I’ve got for you guys today. We will be back on Facebook Live coming this Thursday.

I’ve got Quick Tips Tuesday coming up on YouTube tomorrow. You’ll see that then and that’s really it for today guys. I hope that if you’re not already subscribed, you’ll go to iTunes or wherever you get your podcast.

My adventures and digital marketing podcasts will be there. I would love for you to subscribe and share it. Like I said, here we are. We’re documenting online business, but business in intersect with real life on an everyday basis. That’s what this whole episode was about today.

So you guys, take care, be safe, and have a great week. Go out there and be the opportunity to be a servant in your space this week and help your audience and your target market find the solutions to the questions that they are looking for during this time. You take care and until next time. We’ll talk to you later. Bye

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