What’s the best ClickFunnels email integration?

This one platform is the best solution to your email problems

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What’s the best ClickFunnels email integration?

Here’s the deal:

I’m not going to review 27 different email platforms and tell you what features they have and all that stuff.

If you’re like me, you’re just looking for something that works, that’s affordable, and that’s easy to use.

That’s why you’re looking for the best ClickFunnels email integration, right?

That’s why I’m going to tell you about what I use and why it’s perfect for me and my clients.

So what’s the best ClickFunnels email integration?

ConvertKit is the best ClickFunnels email integration. ConvertKit is dead simple to use, integrates easily with your ClickFunnels account, and works like a charm.

At least that’s my opinion. But it’s an educated and experienced opinion.

You’re certainly entitled to your own of course.

But if you landed on this post then that means that you’re not convinced by the other stuff you’ve seen on what the best ClickFunnels email integration is, so you’re still trying to find an answer.

Besides, who has time to through all those different systems to see if they’re a good fit?

Not this guy.

So let’s talk about why I think ConvertKit is the best ClickFunnels email integration.

What’s the best ClickFunnels email integration?

There are more than 100,000 users on the ClickFunnels platform.

There are businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Businesses that have funnels that have delivered more than $100 million in sales.

And businesses that are just getting started that are still waiting to make their first sale in their funnel.

And just like there are a variety of different customers who use the ClickFunnels platform, there are numerous different email service providers that you can use with it.

But if you’re like me, you want something that’s easy to use, is affordable, and is powerful enough to do everything you need it to do, without confusing you or tripping you up with hard-to-use interfaces that confuse you more than they help you.

That’s why I think ConvertKit is the best ClickFunnels email integration.

I’ve been using both ClickFunnels and ConvertKit together for a while now, and the workflow I’ve created is absolutely fantastic.

As someone who’s a creator I don’t need to about 27 things that could work.

Who has time for that?

I need to know about one thing that does work.

ConvertKit is designed specifically for creators

So many people who are using ClickFunnels are “solo” prenuers – people who run their entire business on their own.

They don’t have a big staff, or IT team.

They don’t have a bunch of writers cranking out their email sequences.

So complicated tools are a deal breaker.

I know they are for me.

And I’ve seen those other tools.

And I’ve tried several of them.

But the reason that I didn’t waste a bunch of time kicking the tires on what could be a good solution is that I found one that did the job remarkably well

To this day, I continue to use ConvertKit with ClickFunnels because it does everything you need it to do, and nothing that it doesn’t.

How I use ConvertKit

When someone opts in to one of my funnels, I use my integration with ClickFunnels to initiate an automation sequence that will start sending emails immediately.

I’ve got automations in ConvertKit that do all kinds of things:

If someone clicks on a link in an email, a certain action will fire.

When someone buys a specific product in one of my funnels an action to start sending them a specific sequence begins.

The thing I like the most about ConvertKit is that it’s so easy to use and configure that a beginner can get started with it in no time at all.

But it’s also powerful enough to perform really complex actions too.

It just depends on how far you want to go.

ConvertKit is super easy to integrate with ClickFunnels

When I first got started with ClickFunnels, it only took me about 3 minutes to get connected to ConvertKit.

And that includes the time I took to go refill my coffee once I started the process.

All you have to do is get your API key from your ConvertKit account and get it added to your ClickFunnels account and presto – it’s done!

You’ll then see the option in your funnels to be able to connect an integration, and among the integrations you’ll see will be the one you just created for ConvertKit.

Creating “nurture sequences” is amazingly easy in ConvertKit

A vital part of every successful funnel is the sequence you send to new people who’ve joined your list.

As they say, “the fortune is in the follow up”.

(I don’t know who actually said that, but it’s true.)

So when you’re using the full ClickFunnels platform you get access to their tool to create a  “follow up funnel”.

The rest of the world calls them nurture sequences because they “nurture” your relationship with the new people who join your list.

Right now, I’ve got several that automatically run inside ConvertKit.

I created those sequences one time, then ConvertKit automatically sends them when someone joins – it’s that simple.

ClickFunnels Platinum is really expensive

Here’s the thing:

ClickFunnels is a fantastic tool, but not everyone needs all the features that come as part of their platinum plan that costs $297 per month.

That’s expensive.

That’s a car payment. A power bill. A mobile phone bill.

Not cheap.

Especially when you’re just getting started.

And you don’t need all that either when you’re just getting started.

That’s why using a service like ConvertKit makes sense.

You’ll save a lot of money each month, and the tools you’re using are just as good, if not better, than the service that’s included as part of the ClickFunnels platinum plan.

In fact, I know of many very successful, “two-comma club” award winners who can easily afford to use the full ClickFunnels suite but they use ConvertKit instead.

Sometimes it’s not about the money – sometimes another service is just better.

Deliverability with ConvertKit is outstanding

Some email services have a better reputation for their ability to actually deliver your emails to your users’ inbox than others.

When I switched to using ConvertKit my deliverability increased substantially.

And this is so important.

When you’re using free tools, everyone everywhere is using the same free tool too, and sometimes there are people who aren’t using it in an ethical way.

That can – and does – affect the ability of that service to deliver emails.

I’m not going to get in to a complicated discussion of why that’s the case, but I think it’s pretty clear that actually getting your email into the inbox of your subscribers is important.

And ConvertKit does a great job at doing that.

Both ClickFunnels and ConvertKit are pro-level tools. You can find cheaper options for both your funnel-building platform, and your email service provider.

But you won’t find a better performing combination.

Next Steps

So if you’d like to test out ConvertKit follow this link here to check it out.

I promise it’s worth your time.

Don’t get caught up spinning your wheels testing 27 different platforms because you’re searching for something that COULD work.

This one DOES work.

If you’d like help implementing what we’ve talked about here, join me in my free Facebook group here.

Disclaimer: This site is reader-supported so some of the links you’ll find here are affiliate links and proudly so.

I recommend them because they’ve helped me do what I do and I have great confidence that you will get value out of them as well – hence the recommendation and affiliate links.

It’s my belief that if a product or service can help me in my business then it can help you in yours too. I’m either currently using, or have used these products and services I recommend – I will never support or feature something that I don’t believe in completely!

So by following any of these links and making a purchase, I’ll receive a commission. I always recommend you do your own independent research first before you purchase anything.

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