Do Good This Holiday Season – KEZA + Charity:Water

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So many times you hear the rants against how the holiday season has become ridiculously commercialized (and it has) and how there is little to no meaning left in the holiday season with battles between warring factions fighting battles that we teach our kids to avoid (ever heard of "sticks and stones…?"). But even amidst all this craziness (and it is) there are opportunities to do good.

That's exactly what's happening here with KEZA and Charity:Water. This holiday season KEZA is donating 50% of sales to Charity:Water. How cool is that?

You can learn more from the post over at the blog, but here is just a snipet:

From now until December 25th when you purchase a KEZA product using this code, KEZAforCleanWater, KEZA will donate 50% of the sale to Charity:Water where 100% of that donation will go directly to clean water projects.

Malinda Douglas who's working hard on this campaign too says on her blog, "Use your purchasing power for good this holiday. Give a gift that will last well beyond the season, a gift that will bring life-saving water to others and sustainable work to those in the developing world. Dig deep and see how far your gift will go."

That's what this is all about. Doing good. Feels good doesn't it?

KEZA and Charity:Water along with what we're doing over at Dragonfly is a natural marriage. Want to support the effort? Then head over to and buy a necklace. It's as simple as that, and in addition to getting an awesome gift for someone you'll be empowering people in more ways than one and giving gifts of opportunity and choice.

Full disclosure – If you didn't already know, is my store.