Good Stuff Saturday – Coffee & Canine Edition

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It's a cool almost-spring morning in lovely Tallahassee, and I'm enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee while digging in to work with my two faithful canine companions at my feet. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning! And I've got good stuff links to share – even better!

I dont' know if you noticed, but Pinterest is the "new Facebook." Apparently everyone I know is on there now and pinning to their heart's content – my inbox is overflowing with "[Insert new Pinterest user here] is following you on Pinterest" emails. I guess I need to actually log in to my account over there and check out what all the fuss is about. Makes me wonder, how will Gentlemint and Fancy do as similar networks?

Anyway – on to some cool stuff from the last couple weeks:

  • Forty Really Creative Facebook Timelines Okay, so it's maybe not the newest thing out there, but these are some really cool things people are doing with their Facebook timeline covers.
  • Forty Quick Tips for Using Google Calendar I was trying to find some ways to make better use of Google Calendar and I came across this gem full of great ideas from the blue football field school.
  • Covered in the Dust of Your Rabbi Rob Bell absolutely hits a home run with video covering some really interesting and insightful aspects of the New Testament.
  • This is Your Life Weekly Podcast So you may have already heard, but Michael Hyatt has a new podcast and he's off to a great start. This is sure to be a source of great content.
  • Wunderlist is now free, forever, (and open to everyone) The genius crew from 6Wunderkinder who saved my organizational life with Wunderlist have now launched Wunderkit and it's available to all. For free. Awesome.
  • Blog Smarter: Invest in Your Own Success First in a series on blogging smarter and it's a really good one. Actionable ideas and recommendations and solid. Do yourself a favor and check out this entire series. You'll be glad you did.