Good Stuff Saturday – Fall (?) Edition

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This Saturday I’m glad to say that fall is finally here, or at least that’s the rumor. With yet another week of temperatures in the 90’s here in Tallahassee and humidity still outrageously high, it feels like we’re still in mid-summer.  The good thing about it though is that we’re firmly engaged in college football right now so the misery lessened just a bit.

Great things happened this week. Pandora relaunched their site using HTML5 and even better, removed the 40 hour per month listening cap, Facebook launched a bunch of new changes and updates that are convincing me that they’re trying to ruin their platform, and I had guest post on Justin Lukasavige’s blog about hosting.

  • Pandora has a new look I’ve loved using Pandora for a long time, but as I listened more I started getting hammered by the 40 hour per month limitation which is now gone. The new interface is nice and now I can listen all I want.
  • Facebook Updates – Yes more updates The more they mess with it the less I seem to be using it. Not on purpose, but it happens. Now, even if you’re not already getting the new timeline feature, but you’re dying to try it, there is way to get it right now.
  • The resume is dead No not yours, per say. But just generally. This is a fantastic post that talks about how creatives market themselves in an ever-changing world and how other elements like your blog, portfolio, and social media profiles can constitute a bio are what the resumes of the future will look like.
  • A Standing Desk John Saddington is updating his office again and has added concrete blocks to elevate his desk making for some cool storage space and a unique environment. Very cool. I know that I need to start thinking about a new office for myself as well. Sitting all day is not a good idea, and the idea of working while standing is growing on me.
  • Be Your Own Superhero I love this post from Chris Brogan. I love the premise of being your own solution to your problems and that no one else is going to come to rescue you.
  • Everything you want to know about Website Hosting This is a guest-post that I did for my friend Justin Lukasavige and covers the different kinds of hosting setups you can use. We both get a lot questions and are constantly involved in discussions about this topic so hopefully some will find it useful.

image by VancityAllie