Good Stuff Saturday – Memorial Edition

This week I’m getting back on track after spending the week getting caught up on some work which was much needed. There was a lot of good stuff this week – Justin Lukasavige did a great interview with John Saddington, Paul Boag wrote a great post about fixing your blog, and Cliff Ravenscraft has launched a free tutorial on how to podcast.

This weekend also marks the 10 year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. I’d be remiss not to mention and pay respect to those who lost their lives that day and for all who have been affected by it, which is pretty much everyone.

  • Dogfooding and Professional Blogging – Justin Lukasavige interviewed John Saddington this week on his Coach Radio show and it was a fantastic interview. John is an impressive guy and is doing some impressive things. Of particular note here is the discussion on how he found his business partners.
  • Why Do People Share? – Why do people share and what do they share? If you’ve ever thought about this, and I know that I have, this is a fantastic post about why we do what we do when it comes to sharing content and the science behind it. "Viral content goes viral because it hits people upside the head, which is good."
  • Fixing Your Broken Blog – Paul Boag has a fantastic post on fixing a broken blog. There are several of these that will find their way in to my plans of this blog and the blog over at
  • "Learn How to Podcast" – Cliff Ravenscraft has launched a free tutorial called "Learn How To Podcast" which will be a welcome tool for so many – like me – that are still learning how to do it right.
  • Blackout, Unplugged, Passive Income – I’m inspired by Pat Flynn and what he’s accomplished. Even while he’s completely off the grid due to a power outage he’s making money passively, which after all, is his thing. But more to the point is how he enjoyed time with his wife while they were completely unplugged. You have to watch the video too, funny and sobering. Great stuff.
  • The Tower’s Rise and Fall – Simply put, on this weekend we must never forget.
  • Full Audio Transcripts – Audio Transcripts from September 11th. Very sobering. 

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