Good Stuff This Week – Facebook, Media Queries, and Bing Webmaster Tools

The fold - media queries and other cool stuff

With the travails of battling Comcast now firmly behind me this week was a much better week. My little girl started first grade this week and is doing awesome, I got a lot of stuff done and I’ve in the zone. This week’s Good Stuff edition covers a great post by Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media about Facebook, some really good modules that virtually every Drupal site needs, and an announcement of a sale at Dragonfly.

  • Social Media – This is absolutely the best post I’ve read on social media marketing in a long time. Why is is that your social media efforts are not delivering the results you want? Here’s the number one reason why your customers hate you on Facebook.
  • Media Queries and the ever elusive "fold" – Simply put, there’s no such thing as the fold when it comes to web design. But there’s hope for those that are consumed by the concept and Paul Boag by talking about how responsive design concepts can detect the size of the user’s viewport and then use media queries to make adjustments. Fold fanatics take note. 
  • Creativity and Ingenuity – Just plain cool. This kid found the Fibonacci Sequence in trees and found a way to increase the ability for solar cells to collect more light and produce more electricity. I wonder if he knows what an X-Box is? 
  • Bing Webmaster Tools – As website owners we can get really fixated on the panoply (like that word?) of tools available from Google to help us with our websites. But did you know that Bing also has a whole suite of tools to help you?  Well, now you do. John Saddington from TentBlogger talks about how he’s using Bing Webmaster Tools for search engine optimization.
  • Wordsmithing – I remember my freshman composition classes in college and how my papers used to come back dripping with red in as if they’d been put through a blender, mercilessly. This one is from Copyblogger and it’s something anyone who is trying to communicate via the written word should always be working on.
  • Must Have Drupal 6 Modules – If you’re working with Drupal then you need to take heed of this list of modules for Drupal 6. I’m still doing lots of work in Drupal 6 due to the fact that there are a lot of modules for Drupal 7 that are not quite ready for prime time. I could have written this list myself.  Hmm… maybe I need to make my own list….

  • KEZA Classics on Sale at – Okay, so this one is about my webstore,, but it’s good stuff because I’ve just put all of the KEZA classic beaded necklaces on sale at $25! These necklaces are one-of-a-kind and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So come on by and pick up one – or three – and help support the KEZA mission.

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