Outlook for 2010

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After many great learning experiences in 2009, my family and myself are hoping for a much better 2010! We believe that good things are in our future, and that the future is indeed very bright. Jim Rohn – a "business philosopher" – unfortunately passed away in early December. I listened to The Art of Exceptional LivingThe Art of Exceptional Living for the first time a couple years ago, and it really resonated with me.

What follows are my notes from listening to the first part of Take Charge of Your LifeTake Charge of Your Life which is what I’m using to start the new year. I’ve posted this here for your review, and maybe even a little inspiration will hit you as we get ready for yet another new year.

5 major pieces to the life puzzle – Jim Rohn


Our lives are affected by what we know. Ignorance is NOT bliss – what you don’t know WILL hurt you. Philosophy sets your course in life. 

  • Basic Philosophy – knowing what’s right and wrong, pleasurable, painful
  • Expanded Philosophy – how to be gainfully employed, be a decent human, how to deliver value
  • Refined Philosophy – extra study, classes, research, debate, discussion – extra THINKING. Essential steps of intellectual discovery – the “above and beyond”
  • Teaching – the influence of others – the books we read, classes we take
    • Who am I around?
    • What are they doing to/for me? Where do they have me going, saying
    • What have they got me becoming?

We all suffer one of two pains in life – the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret. You make the choice.


Our lives are affected by how we feel. Invest in your own future – positive, forward looking, sober, optimistic

  • How do you feel about the past? Let the past instruct you.
  • How do you feel about the future? Life is affected by two things – one is price the other is promise. It’s hard to pay the price when you don’t see the promise. Everyone would be willing to pay the price if they could see the promise. Figure out how to see the promise (detailed goals with envisioning how they’ll come to life). Make the promise clear.
  • How you feel about people – attitude about society, family, friends, etc. You can’t succeed by yourself. The “Pledge of Allegiance” starts with “I” and ends with “all”. It’s hard to find a rich hermit.
  • How you feel about yourself. Understanding self-worth is the beginning of progress. What could I become in terms of value? At work, career, enterprise, husband? Work harder on yourself than you do on the job!


Our lives are affected by what we do. Success is a doing – you have to actually do it. Activity is essential to get the most out of “what we have available”. What is your philosophy about activity? hard work, long hours, full days? How committed are you? Did you leave it all on the field? Your philosophy of activity will affect the rest of your life. Make rest an necessity, not an objective. The reason for life is enterprise, productivity, to see what we can do with the “seasons of life”, chances, and opportunities – (life is test, life is a trust, life is a temporary assignment). How much time are you going to spend “doing”? “Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all of your might.”

The philosophy of the "ant"

  • Ants never quit
  • Ants think “winter” all “summer”
  • Ants think “summer” all “winter”

How much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter? All he possibly can! DO ALL YOU CAN! How many books can you read in the next six months? ALL YOU CAN! Don’t miss the book! How hard should you work? Enough is enough if it’s the best you can do! Work as hard as you possibly can! The full extent of your reach is what’s important!!! Extend yourself to the full capacity of your reach!

“As much/many as you can!” Why would you settle for less than what you’re created to be?!?!?

Power of Choice – to be all or to be part, you can chose to be only part of what you were created to be or you can chose to be ALL you were designed to be. Do the best you possibly can – what could you achieve if you chose to be all God created you to be?

It’s how you feel about yourself that is valuable. See what all you can do, what you can become, see how much you can earn, reach, share, give, extend…  


What we can become and what we can accomplish. Become skillful enough to do rewarding things with our lives – influence, giving, extending, spiritual. What have you done with what you’ve been given? Philosophy is used to determine value.

See what you can do with the seasons, the soil, the seed, the chances, and opportunities. 

See what you can do with your mind, skills, hands, possibilities, capabilities, etc.

Measurable progress in reasonable time = progress. What progress have you made with the list of human values, and experiences?

Shouldn’t we be EXPECTED to make progress? (Parable of the Talents) Life is a numbers game.

What is proper response to lack of results? See the servant with one talent who buried it. “The master lost his cool”.

“Results” is the name of the game. Look at results to see what’s wrong. See what might be wrong with your activity. Don’t get caught up just being busy – there are too many things with which we can be busy with in life. Don’t be busy in low value things. 

Do you need to go to work on your activity? Disciplined activity, not frivolous. 

Values were meant to be costly. Have you been nudged off course in your philosophy? Where have you missed in the refinement of your thinking?  Take time to look at results and check results – where are the errors?


How you chose to live. How you design your life. Figuring ways to live uniquely – bring joy, pleasure, excitement, happiness. Understanding the difference between trinkets and treasures.

A few errors in judgement repeated every day = FAILURE. What will the errors in my current philosophy cost me in 5 years – 10 years – 20?  All this = ACCUMULATED DISASTER.

FORMULA FOR SUCCESS = A few simple discplines practiced every day  – Eliminate the errors and replace them with discipline in:

  • Physical/Health
  • Mental/Intellectual
  • Emotional/Relational
  • Spiritual
  • Financial/Career
  • Social