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Wordpress Blog Website Setup ServiceSo finally, after thinking about this for months – literally – I’ve announced my new WordPress Blog Setup Service over at This is the latest of a couple different projects that I’m working on and it’s now ready to go.

I’m learning that my naming abilities may not be the greatest in the world – it’s called the "Wordpress Installation and Setup Service" but it captures what this service does perfectly – get you a WordPress site set up and installed and up and running FOR you quickly, securely, and fast.

Here is some info from the post over there:

My goal with this service is to help aspiring bloggers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. get started with their WordPress-based blog and get the tools they need to have to focus on the most important part – their content. The goal here is to get people started and doing it right.

Right out of the blocks, you don’t want – or need – to invest a lot of money getting started. The goal of this service is to get you set up with WordPress the right way so you can start creating content.

So come take a look at the new WordPress installation & Setup Service and contact me if you’re interested in getting started with it!

This is one of the greatest needs that I see for aspiring entrepreneurs and it’s also where I see a lot of confusion. My goal is to alleviate some of that confusion by offering this service and then working one-on-one with people to get them focused on their content.

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