The Future is Bright! What’s on the Agenda for 2013

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2012 was a great year to be in the web design & technology business and I learned a ton. I count myself as one who is very fortunate and blessed to be able to do the work I love to do. 

My goal is to continue to serve and grow, and help people build awesome tools that help them find new ways to earn income, build their business' digital footprint, share their story, and do work that they love to do. That's the whole purpose behind Orracle Media, and the plans I've put in place are there to support this idea.

So what's on the agenda for next year? Take a look.

Revised, revamped, and retooled Niche Site Challenge

I've been working on this one for a few weeks now. The Niche Site Challenge will be completely reworked and retooled to make it even more useful, and to help all of us build something awesome. After the fantastic reception I had to the initial challenge, I know some people fell off and I had a bunch of stuff to do too. But there are also a handful of us that have been able to get sites up and running and – gasp! – even make a little bit of money and I'm looking forward to the next version of the challenge.

This time things will be much clearer and easier to follow. At least that's the objective. I've set up a step-by-step process to walk us through the challenge, set up milestones along with some indicators that we should be seeing at each point along the way.

There will be more detailed discussions on farming topics, design, content strategy, marketing, promotion etc. We'll talk about ways of driving interaction and getting people to share your content.

The podcast will be accompanying the Challenge too. Each step in the process of the Niche Site Challenge will have an accompanying podcast where we go over the items for the step that we're on, and do some Q & A too.

I've really enjoyed walking through things together and want to do more of these kinds of things in the coming year. Look for things to kick off in January.

Reports and studies on my sites and projects

I'll be talking much more about what I'm doing on sites other than my main Orracle Media site. I like building websites for others – it's the core of my business. But I really like building sites for myself too.

Video Tutorials

I get questions on a lot of different things, and regularly just respond to the email. However, in order to help others benefit from the questions that come in I'm starting short video tutorials that cover these questions. 

More Tips, Tools, & Tricks for your Website

Speaking of creating content, by far the most popular pages on my site are the tips tricks and tools posts. They're how-to's and tips that are there to help you make the most of the available tools to make things happen on your website.

Look for more stuff on measuring your success on your site, and marketing as I work on spending a lot of time and effort focused on marketing in 2013.

The goal of these posts is to walk side-by-side with you through building your website, creating content, making it awesome and getting results. 

Website Workshop Bootcamp Webinar

Justin Lukasavige and myself will be hosting the first Website Workshop Bootcamp! This is going to be an online series that will take aspiring bloggers, and website owners through the process of creating a website using WordPress from scratch through theming, plugins, content creation and more. 

If you're not already signed up for the newsletter, get signed up here to be the first to get in and be in line for specials for early registration!

New Services from Orracle Media

I just launched the Orracle Analytics website statistics service a few weeks ago, and we're off to a solid start. But there is more where that came from. As things have grown over the last year, I've noticed some holes in the market that need to be filled and so there are at least two new services that are coming for those who need regular help with their website on an ongoing basis, and a new pricing plan for website design with some accompanying services included.

These are two of the things that I'm most excited about and will really help website owners get more results from their online efforts.

Orracle Hosting WordPress Setup Service Expand

It's easy to sign up for a hosting service and do the one-click install and have your WordPress site up in just a few minutes. But what do you do then? Do you know what's next? What about your theme? What about plugins? The WordPress Setup Service is expanding to include a free version and an enterprise version.

The free version will be a fantastic way to get things going for people who are ready to get off the ground, and the enterprise version will be fantastic for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need more hands-on help.  The existing version will continue to be available too. 

I'm looking forward to a great year starting in January. The goal of this business has always been to serve and help people "ship their art" to borrow a couple phrases from Seth Godin and I think these thing will be a good step to do that better.

Here's to a fruitful and successful New Year!

image by Crystl