How To Design Your Sales Funnel Page 2020 (3 CRUCIAL ELEMENTS)

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 78

Want to learn how to design your offer page in your sales funnel for maximum conversions? This video will show you the THREE super simple sections that are part of EVERY successful sales page. Even Amazon is using #3 extensively these days on their sales pages! Transcript Do you know what the three key elements

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Secrets To Increasing E-Commerce Sales Without Wasting Money on Ads | Office Hours #1

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 77

Introducing Office Hours! It’s time to kick off some more live training and first one up is going to be on e-commerce with e-commerce xpert and a software as a service founder Irina Poddubnaia! We’ll cover solutions to common challenges in e-commerce stores like: never-ending “where’s my order” questions premature refund requests margin-killing bottlenecks …

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