A Couple Website Owner’s Black Friday Specials – UPDATED

standard_theme(Watchout for the Studiopress Coupon Code below!)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Thanksgiving turkey, and all the other awesome stuff to gobble up is coming tomorrow and I have to say that I’m excited about that!

Another part of this season is being able to get really good deals. I’m not talking about Walmart, Best Buy or Target. I’m talking about stuff for your website!

I’ve found a couple several good deals for website owners that you will want to pay attention to. Premium WordPress themes are rarely discounted, but I’ve got news on two that are both fantastic deals. They also just so happen to be the ones I work with regularly.

As I find things I’ll update this post and add them here.

I added the GoDaddy 30% coupon below.
Mindmeister 30% Off coupon below – good for one day only!
Chris Guillebeau’s Unconventional Guides Sale added
Woo Themes Black Friday Promotion added
Go Media’s 20% Off and $1 Vector Packs added
Copyblogger Theme for FREE

Standard Theme for WordPress Black Friday Promotion

Standard is awesome. There isn’t a better theme for a blog on WordPress in my opinion and if you’re looking to upgrade your theme now is the time. Chris from 8Bit mentioned when I asked him about any deals they were having that there is a major upgrade coming in January – version 3.0! As always the best option is the support option and it comes with all previous, current, and future versions of the theme.

Starts: Available now
Ends: 11/29
Discount: 30%
Code: BLACK2011

Click here to get the Standard Theme’s Black Friday promotion (my affiliate link)

Black Friday Studiopress Sale

If you’ve ever wanted to get the Genesis Framework and Studiopress this is the time! I’m on their mailing list and got this info today. Grab this chance! I’ve had several occassions where I was looking for Studiopress coupon codes and they are RARE to say the least!

Grab yours ASAP! The offer is only good until Monday!

Click here for the Studiopress Black Friday Sale (my affiliate link).

Save 40% this week only using the promo code SP40 when you check out.

From right now through the end of next Monday, you can save 40% from any purchase at StudioPress using the promo code SP40. This is likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For example, this would be a smart time to purchase all of our designs, plus every design we make in the future, by picking up our Pro Pack All-Theme Package. That means you get all 43 current designs, plus every design we make in the future, and save almost $120 off the regular price (and over $875 off the retail price of just the existing 43 designs)!

Here’s another motivator: Early next year, the price of the Pro Pack is going up. So buying now is twice as smart. Plus, thanks to our unlimited upgrade policy, you get all the improvements we have scheduled for every theme in the future.

Remember to use the code SP40 at checkout!

**This deal ends promptly at 5:00 pm Pacific time on Monday, November 28, 2011**

GoDaddy 30% Off

GoDaddy always has something going on so this one won’t be much of a surprise, but it’s a good deal for domains and SSL certs etc.

Use the coupon code gdz1134z at checkout to get 30% off your purchase there.

Click here to go to

MindMeister 30% Off

Mindmeister is an awesome planning tool that I’ve got a lot of mileage out of. Tomorrow – 11/25 ONLY – they’re offering 30% off on subscriptions.

Use the coupon code “blackfriday” (no quotes) during checkout.

Click here to go to

Chris Guillebeau Unconventional Guides 15% Off

Chris has his Unconventional Guides for sale and he only does this once a year. From his blog, “Every year we have only one sale at Unconventional Guides. Until the end of Cyber Monday, you can get 15% off everything in the store by using discount code CRANBERRY upon checkout. And yes, this includes the Empire Building Kit and all of our combo packs.”

Click here to go to Chris’ Unconventional Guides sale

Woo Themes Black Friday Promos

Woo Themes is doing a couple different things for Black Friday – 20% off new subscriptions and a 5 for 1 single themes deal. Thanks to Charley Hays for this one.

Click here to go to the Woo Themes Black Friday page

20% Off Everything and $1 Vector Packs at Go Media’s Arsenal

These guys do amazing work and this is a great opportunity to get some of their stuff at a really good deal. Here is the email that I received this morning:

All day today you can get ANY single vector pack of your choice for only $1.00.  Sweet!  To unlock the coupon you just have to tweet about the deal using this link. This is valid on any single vector pack ($9.99 value) and only once per customer. The coupon works by subtracting $8.99 from your order total.

» Click to Unlock the Coupon Code by Tweeting

20% Off through Monday

Use coupon code: BLKFRI11 to get 20% off ( NOW-MONDAY)

If you don’t feel like tweeting (or use Twitter at all), we’re offering a 20% discount on everything on the Arsenal all week long. Just use the coupon code BLKFRI11 (case sensitive) at checkout to receive your discount. It expires November 29th.

Have a great weekend and remember the Cyber Monday sale coming up too. We’ll let you know.

– Jeff and Adam
Go Media’s Arsenal.

Copyblogger Theme available FREE for Genesis Framework

This one also came through this morning. If you already have the Genesis Framework from Studiopress you can now get the Copyblogger theme FREE. I had to search to find it because Brogan didn’t link directly to it in his post, but if you already have it, log in to your account at and download it. I already did!  Here is what Chris said:

“But now, if you have the Genesis Premium WordPress Theme, you can get the Copyblogger *cough cough* *cough cough* theme absolutely FREE. Note that I said it’s free if you’re a Genesis user. That’s because this is a “child” theme, and you need the Genesis framework to load it. Here’s the thing: it’s a gorgeous theme and has served me (and Brian) very well for the last while. Seeing as Brian is moving on to another them, he figures there’s no harm in letting you make your site look like mine.”

Click here to get the Copyblogger Theme for Genesis

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