Creating Outstanding Offers | 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 54

Ever struggle trying to figure out what you can sell online? Ever think that your business is “different” and creating an amazing offer is really hard for you?

Then you definitely want to check out this episode. In this episode I’m covering what makes a great offer and how you can brainstorm ideas to come up with something that will deliver a TON of value to your audience and help you earn money online.

Creating Outstanding Offers

Welcome back everybody to Adventures in Digital Marketing. This is the Digital Marketing Masters Facebook group. Today, we’re going to be doing training on Pillar number three.

That is relation to the Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing. I’m going to give us a minute here for others to hop on that may want to be part of this live. That’s great if they do. We’re going to be getting started here in just a minute once people have had a chance to jump on.

It looks like we’ve got Marjorie and Jay here. Thanks guys for hopping on. We’re going to get started here in just a minute and start talking about the third Pillar. Hope everybody’s doing great today.

It is nasty outside and hot in the middle of winter here in Florida. It’d nice to have some cool weather, but that’s the way life goes. It has been a very busy couple of weeks for me.

I’ve got some new funnels that I’m working on and a couple new things that I am working on. Plus, I’ve been rolling out all these WordPress videos. It’s been very busy around here these days.

Welcome, everybody. Thank you to those of you. John, welcome. Once again hey, Jay, thanks for hopping in. Wanted to give you a little bit of backstory about this idea of the Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing as we get started here.

The idea came to me. I’ve been studying this stuff for a while. I just got back from Funnel Hacking Live. I still haven’t done my Funnel Hacking Live review yet, but that is on the schedule.

How I Get Started

I’ve been working on this stuff for a long time. I’m a web developer. I’ve been a web developer for a long time now.  I actually got started in web development because I was trying to learn how to make money online. This is back when my daughter was a baby, she was tiny. Now, she’s almost 15.

I’ve been doing this for a long time. My thought was at the time is like, I’m going to help people with the tools that they need to do business online with someone to become a web developer instead of trying to go all in on learning how to do these various different things and affiliate marketing.

I didn’t know who to trust at the time. This was back in the dark ages of Internet Marketing. You hear stories from people and you didn’t really know if you could buy what they were talking about. I just decided that I was going to become a web developer and build stuff for people that we’re trying to get started with their business online. That’s how I ended up doing web development.

I left my career and sales behind and started doing web design and development full time. Shortly after that, I think my daughter was maybe one or two when I finally made that final transition from a career in sales to a career in web development.

But I never lost that passion for trying to figure out how people were going to be making money online. I’ve always kind of had my finger on the pulse of Internet Marketing ever since the very beginning. There was a group called business mastery or something like that.

How Pat Flynn Influenced Me

Then I found Pat Flynn and Smart Passive income and all that he was doing. I’ve learned a little bit from a lot of different places, but I never really kind of put it all together. So a while back, I was working on my funnels. It just kind of hit me. I was actually going through an email.

I was going through and cleaning out my email inbox, and I’ve got a tag in my Gmail where I save emails.  I want to go back and look to for inspiration. Actually was going through this list and I was going through these emails. It just like somebody turned on a light. It all of a sudden became perfectly clear to me.

I grabbed my pen, and I grabbed my paper, and I started writing down all of these seven pillars. I’m like, “Yeah, we need to have this.” Everybody needs to have a rock solid home base for their business. Then everybody needs content, because I’ve been around bloggers and content creators for a long time.

How Seven Pillars in Digital Marketing Started

For the longest time, that’s kind of where I was spending my time online is with these people. I saw these people making money and doing business online. I’m like, “Man, I could do that, too.”  I knew that content was part of that. Then I came into the funnel world a couple years ago when I had one of my web design and development clients was getting on board with Click Funnels. I had read DotCom Secrets.

Again, it was just one of those things that kind of blew up for me.  I’m like sales funnels. This makes total sense. I come from sales. I had been working in business to business sales for years. I totally get this idea of sales funnels and how to keep your funnel full.

All those kinds of things were things that we had been talking about for forever and sales. This was nothing new to me when I finally ran across that and we built funnels for them. Again, it was just another piece of the puzzle.

I’m writing down these ideas and trying to capture them because you know how it goes sometimes. It’s like, you got to grab ahold of that of that moment of inspiration and start writing it down because if you don’t, you’re going to forget something. I’m frantically writing this stuff down.

I’m like, “Yeah, I got to have a sales funnel.” You’ve got to have a way to do this on my outline. Then obviously, everybody from the blogging world is always obsessed about traffic. Everybody’s trying to get traffic to their content. We know that that’s a big deal.

Then we have to know also how to convert that traffic. Then we need a community and an audience. That’s where this idea came from. I was I was furiously writing it down. Then finally it took it all and put it into my notes, and started whittling down my list. That’s where the Seven Pillars came from. This moment of inspiration where all the pieces of the puzzle fell together for me.

Pillar Number One

The pillar number one, which we talked about a few weeks ago is a great website. What I’m going to call that is, I’m calling that the Platform Funnel. This is the idea that you have one central place where your personal brand lives online. Then you’ve got spokes that go out from that home base.

Those are your funnels and then you’ve got social media and you have various different pieces. We talked about that one a few weeks ago.

Pillar Number Two

Then the next week, we talked about pillar number two which was great content. This is one of the things that was really reinforced to me the first time I went through the One Funnel Away Challenge. If I’m being honest, I didn’t completely get what Russell and Stephen were talking about the first time through. The challenge was to create new content 365 days.

He said over the next year, your life will be radically changed if you do this. I say this to my own shame, I just kind of let that go. Because I didn’t know if I could live up to keeping up with 365 days of content.

Then I came back to that when I had this aha moment. When the Seven Pillars of Digital Marketing were coming into my mind. I’m like, “Yeah, this makes perfect sense.”

If I do a podcast, then I can take the transcript from that and then I can make a blog post. Then if I actually take a video of myself doing the podcast now I’ve got a YouTube video.

Now I’ve got three different pieces of content from one piece of content. That’s three days’ worth of content.

Where You Can Reach Me

Again, it was just like, I can totally do this. It makes sense. If you go to my blog now at http://roborr.net/, you’ll see that there is that kind of content that is flowing out there. You’ll have a podcast.

You’ll have a video then you’ll have a blog post and. I’m always very active on Facebook and social media. Obviously, we’re have here our Digital Marketing group, where I’m active every day as well.

Alex Elliot calls it the Facebook Omnipresence formula where you are always engaging, interacting online so that you can be connecting with people. You can start to build relationships and build rapport and help yourself to become what Russell Brunson calls the Attractive Character.

Pillar Number Three

Hopefully that makes sense. Once you’ve kind of got these first two pillars, establishing your mind as far as what you want to do online. The third one that we’re going to talk about here for a little bit today is creating an outstanding offer.

This is something that I think that I learned from the blogging world. This is something that I think those people really need to learn from because there’s a lot of room for improvement here. For what I see other people, other bloggers and content creators doing online and just to kind of back up one step here  and give you a little bit more information.

In my web development work. I work as the Director of Web Design and development for company here in town where we work on all kinds of projects. We work on immediately must be up in 24 hours kinds of websites where we’ve got something that we are working on that is a campaign that we need to have website up for immediately.

Then we also work on really, really big freaking websites. These hundreds and thousands of pages and features and functionality and complex design requirements, and all that kind of stuff. If you go to https://roborr.net/projects, you can see some examples of some of the things that we work on there. We do all kinds of stuff.

One thing that I’ve found that is common among whether it’s a small project or it’s a big project, website content is a challenge. It’s a very important part of this entire process. Getting back to the third pillar here that we’re talking about is, you want to be able to create outstanding offers that are serving your target audience. The point of the matter is this, you’re writing content for your audience.

You know who those people are, at least you should, if you have a good idea about who your target market is, what your subject matter expertise is, then you want to create things for that particular group of people that are going to be able to help them to achieve the kind of results in their life that you were talking about as a subject matter expert and yours.

Creating my WordPress Course

As an example, I created my WordPress course because I wanted to be able to help people that were just getting started online to be able to build and launch their own self-hosted WordPress website and just pull out all the stops and teach them everything that they need to know, take the steps that I take every time when I’m building a new website.

That way they can do it. They don’t have to pay somebody to do it if they don’t want to. They can overcome the technology hurdle really, really fast.

That’s the objective, right? I’m taking my knowledge and experience and skills as a web developer and putting this into a course so that they’ll be able to do that. Hopefully, that makes sense. If it makes sense, just let me know in the comments, just tell me make sense or if it’s confusing or something like that. Would love to hear from you on that. You’re already talking to your audience.

Two Major Kinds of Offers

There’s two major kinds of offers that you can create for your audience. One of the products that you can create, which is what I was just talking about with the example is my WordPress course. Then the other one is products that you promote. A lot of times people will do a mixture of both of these. We’ll get into that. So products that you create, these are things that you can create as a subject matter expert in your field. Maybe you have a travel agency?

Examples of Offers

Matter of fact, there’s somebody on YouTube that my family loves to watch. Her name is AJ. She’s got a YouTube channel called the Disney Food Blog. If you’ve ever seen her content, it’s really awesome. She is always putting out videos. If you go to her website, she’s got all of these guides and things that you can use. You can pick up.

You can buy that will help you with your trip to Disney. We’re in Florida. Disney is a big deal pretty much everywhere in the state. We have had season tickets to Disney for a long time. We love watching AJ’s videos. She’s really good at what she does.

We’re always looking for different things that we want to do. We’ve been there so many times. We’re always trying to figure out new ways to enjoy our family going to Disney World. So we stumbled on to her stuff a couple years ago. She does an amazing job with her YouTube channel.

Then what she does with her passion about Disney is she’s created downloadable guides and checklists and all kinds of resources that you can use to enhance your experience when you’re going to go and spend 3000 or 4000 or more dollars on a trip to Disney World.

She kind of gives you the insider’s tips to be able to go into have a great experience at Disney. That’s an example of products that you can create. These are things that are based on who you are, what your subject matter expertise is, and ways that you can deliver them.

We’ll talk about what kind of media that you can use to send these here in just a few minutes. That’s the products that you create.

Now, a lot of people are doing affiliate marketing. This is something that you can do, that you can promote to your audience that maybe it’s not something that you created, but it’s something that you use and you can teach them how to use it.

Spencer Mecham does a really good job of this with his content on his builder for newer channel. He does an amazing job and has built an amazing affiliate business, just promoting other people’s products.

Then if you go to his YouTube channel, you can go and take a look at his videos where he’s teaching you how to use different software platforms and different tools and different things you can do online.

He’ll teach you how to use it, then he gives you an opportunity to click on his affiliate link, then when you click that and go, he will make some money on that. Then everybody’s better for it. It’s a win-win situation.

He’s helped you try to figure out what it is that you’re trying to do with the online tools and stuff that he promotes. Then he makes a little bit of money because ClickFunnels, which is one of his primary sources of income, they pay him a commission because you’ve clicked on his link.

Because he helps you to learn something about how to do something with online marketing. Those are the two big groups that we’re talking about. Products that you create and products that you promote.

Offer Hacking

If you’re like me, when you are in your space, you probably going to end up confused again. I have no idea what kind of product to create. Maybe you are a real estate agent or you’re a chiropractor or a business or a lawn care company. You just don’t have any idea what you can create.

One of the things that I want to encourage you to do is something that’s called Offer hacking. What you do is this, so you would then go and go to your competitor’s websites. Look for the offers that they are creating.

Then you buy them and you look at all of the different steps, the copy that they use, the images that they’re using, and all of the various different things they’re doing throughout their entire sales funnel. That will help you to get some ideas. This is really another one of those times that where the light came on for me.

Learning about ClickFunnels

It was a couple years ago, I was trying to figure out how to, I’m a web designer. How am I going to offer something for sale through a sales funnel? How is this even going to work? Then I got an email from Russell Brunson, of course, and he was doing a very short series on what people had done with ClickFunnels, and their service based business.

In one of those emails was an example was from Kathy Olson. What she had done to fill up her sales funnel with her web design and development clients by making this offer. She had a lead magnet. She had an intro offer. I saw this and I’m like, “Man, this is absolutely freaking amazing.” Then it was just like you hear the angels sing. The chorus starts the lights. Come on.

Everything is like, I can see clearly now. I totally get what I can do in my space to do this. I immediately started Googling her. I found her stuff. I found her lead magnet. I opted in. Then I saw her first offer, which was I think a design related piece which was her intro offer.

I’m like, “Yeah, I’m going to buy the whole thing.” I went through and I bought every step of her funnel and just absolutely studied it. I still get notes in Evernote from that time when I was just going through. I was looking at everything that she did to, to build her offer.

So if you are in a space where you’re not real sure about what your offer can be, you need to go and find other people that are in your space that are doing something online that you can go and pull out your credit card. Buy it, see what they’re doing.

Look at the copy, all of the offers that they’ve got at every step along the way. Then go and Funnel Hack it as much as you can, and how you can apply that to yourself. That was exactly what I did.

That funnel that I used is allowed me to build my email list of over 1000 members and has resulted in over— I’m not going to be one of those people that’s going to tell you that I’ve exploded it. I’m doing $100,000 years in sales because that’s not the case with that particular funnel.

I have done over $1,000 in that particular funnel and have refined and I’m constantly working on it. It was the experience for me to help me to see what other people were doing in your space.

The point I want you to get here is that you can offer hack those that are in your space to see what they’re doing so you can get ideas for what you can do for your space. Does that make sense? Let me know if you’re with me live. Please just give me a comment, let me know.

Something say, “Yeah, that totally makes sense or I’m confused by that or, or whatever.” If you’re watching this on the replay, let me know that too. I’ll come back and if you’ve got a question or something like that, leave the question in the comments and Facebook and I’ll go back through and I’ll answer everyone as I come across them.

Offer Stacking

Alright, we’ve got we’ve covered products that you create. Two different kinds of things that you can do to build your outstanding offer. One is a product that you create, or the other is a product that you promote. You can do some kind of combination of the both of those.

Hopefully that makes sense. Then you figure out what other people are doing in your space by offer hacking those others that are in your space, doing the same thing.

Then the final thing that I wanted to cover here about in our discussion about the Seven Pillars of Digital marketing is called Offer Stacking. I learned this from again from Russell Brunson in the Expert Secret’s book.

The idea is this, you figure out every possible option that you can build, create, or collect and then you brainstorm all of the different ideas that you could have for different products.

Put it on a list. Then figure out what you can do that’s going to make sense with that offer. This is one of the things that they teach you in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Creating the List

The idea is this, you go and just write everything down. You think I can do a series on this topic. I can do video trainings on this topic. I can do a workbook on this topic. I can do these kinds of checklists on this topic.

Then what you do is you figure out where you want you’re pricing to be. Then you figure out what components are going to make that piece of the offer a no brainer for somebody to click Buy On.

My Offer

This would be something like in my offer. What I had was you got the WordPress checklist. Almost 100 different items on a list of an eight different areas for everything you could possibly think of that wouldn’t overwhelm you.

It was all of the things that you needed to have. You wanted to build and launch your own successful self-hosted WordPress site.

Then I had a couple content driven things that were on there as well. How to build an outstanding homepage. How to build your ‘About Me’ page, a list of resources that I’ve collected over the years that are absolutely crucial if you’re going to be what I call a website owner.

You’re somebody who’s got a business online. You’re a website owner. So I call them all website owners. This list is a bunch of resources that you have that that you’re going to need at some point or another.

Then I’ve got the digital copy of my ultimate WordPress Blueprint book. Then you can get a physical copy of the Ultimate WordPress blueprint book. Then you can get the workbooks that are accompanying the videos that are part of the 23 video series that I’m now giving away for free on YouTube and in this group.

The last price point on that was $197. I thought that was a really good deal. The book by itself is 50. The several hours of courses very easily was worth $400 or $500. If I’m going to come on site and teach you these things for a day.

You’re talking about that’s going to be $3,000 or $4,000 for me to come do an onsite visit and train you on how to do this. You could do it. You could get the online video course for a couple hundred bucks. Then not only that, then you would also get all of these additional assets.

The design guide, the domain name guide, how to choose a hosting service guide. All of these other things that I put into the offer to make it a no-brainer. That was the idea that when you saw that price tag, and you’re like, “Man, I get all of this for 200 bucks? Absolutely. I’m going to pull the trigger on this.”

How to Offer Stack

That’s how you build an offer stack. It’s you keep adding things to your offer until you get to the point that you go, “Man, this is way too good to be true.” I’m offering so much here that maybe I should raise the price. Now, you’re probably getting to the point where you’re like, “Yeah, I’ve got a good offer. I can go ahead and stop at this point and put a price on it and put it out there for sale.”

But it’s also a variety of different things. Maybe it’s a collection of like podcast episodes where the most formative for you. The most inspiring. The ones that you learn the most from. Russell makes the example in the One Funnel Away Challenge that he could figure out a way to sell you his cell phone for $10,000.

That you’re going to get it access to all the contacts, all of the audio books that he’s got on there, all of the notes that he has, all of his contacts. You’ll also be able to get his boxer number so that you could you message him anytime you want it.

Again, it was about building the value of the offer that once you got to a certain point, it just became a no brainer and that would people would be lining up to pay you $10,000 for your phone as it was in Russell’s case.

In your case, it would probably be different. It would be something else that, what is it for you and your travel agency business? Maybe, if we go back to the AJ example with the Disney Food Blog, she’s got her entry level products.

Then maybe she has some audio files that people can listen to when they’re on their trip whether they’re flying or driving. Stuff that they can listen to that are the insider tips for how to get the most out of your stay at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

Then maybe there’s another level where you get to join an exclusive group where she is teaching you about how to find the best deals and when to schedule restaurants and all those things. That’s another level of value.

I don’t know, for her it could be any variety of things. You see these kinds of offers all the time online now. The reason you see them is because they work. People get to self-select into the amount of depth that they want to get from you in terms of the material. You get to assign the value to that in terms of the dollars that are associated with that.

One of the things that after I’d come back from Funnel Hacking Live, I was talking with somebody about it. I’m like, “There wasn’t anything really all that new that I learned.” Yeah, there were new techniques and maybe a couple of new tools and tips, but there wasn’t really anything conceptually new that I learned.

It was the depth at which we discussed all of the different things that we discussed at that conference that made it worth it to me. Being able to see Russell get up and speak in front of the crowd and do that for an hour a day, sometimes a couple times a day where he’s going through and teaching deeper stuff.

So when you’re building your offer stack, those are the things that you need to be thinking about how you can take the stuff that you got from the beginning. When you’re thinking about the products that you can create, what does the value ladder look like in terms of how somebody can engage in depth with you at greater degrees?

One thing that Russell said and I want to say probably said it at Funnel Hacking Live, and I’ve heard him say it before is that, the best way for you to work with me is to come hire me and my team and fly me out to your office. That’s a million dollars a day and then we also want equity in your business.

We’ll make all your funnels work for you, but not many people have that. You can. There are different steps on the value ladder where you can select different levels of value that you can engage with every step along the way.

So, pillar number one was an outstanding website. This means that you’ve got a central place online that you call home, that you’re in complete control of. Again, we’ll go back to this again in the future, there’ll be more to it. Pillar number two was creating enormous amounts of content and publishing all of the time.

Meaning you’re doing everything you can to get your content, get your message, and get your story out in front of as many people as possible. That means that you’re publishing something every day. You’re doing a Facebook Live.

You’re doing YouTube. You’re doing blog posts. You’re doing podcasts. You are on YouTube Live. You’re on Instagram Live, whatever it may be, you’re working always to build your omnipresent so whenever somebody turns on their content or pulls up an internet browser, and logs into any social media platform, there you are.

You’re right there where they same place you were when they left. Then finally here, the third one that we’re going to talk about, we’re going to end up for today is building an outstanding offer for your audience.

That’s what I’ve got for today. So we’re going to continue to do this weekly training until we get through all seven. Then we’ll come back through and we’ll cover different aspects of each of these. At the beginning, I mentioned the concept of the platform funnel. You may have no idea whatsoever what that means. We’re going to be talking about that more soon.

Because I think this is the central piece that every single online entrepreneur absolutely has to have. If you haven’t noticed, they’re popping up all over the place. Russell’s got one. Steve Larson has one. Julie Stoian has one. Garrett White has one. Tony Robbins has one. They’re all over the place. We’re going to talk more about that in future episodes.

So those are the first three though. We’ll get into the next one next week which is pillar number four, which is your sales funnel. We’re going to talk a little bit more about that and how you put together this outstanding offer and how it relates to the other pillars.

And just to give you a little bit of insight, the reason I chose the term pillars is because pillars are used to hold something up. If you’re missing one, it may not have all the structural integrity that it should have.

When you’ve got them all in place, everything is going to be working right. These seven things are the things that I found that are in common on every single successful online entrepreneur’s business. That’s why I wanted to just kind of codify this so that we can all wrap our heads around it.

Because I’m not claiming to be a guru and have all this figured out. I’m just like I say on my podcast, I am just telling you the things that I’m learning and the things that I’m working on so that hopefully some of this stuff will help you along the way in your business as well. Seven Pillars is going to be the foundation for everything that we do online if we want to be successful.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I don’t see any questions at the moment and that’s totally okay. If you’re catching this on the replay though, let me know. I would love to also know where you’re tuning in from. If you caught this on the live or you’re catching it on the replay. Let me know where you’re listening from.

I would love to hear. It’s always great to know where everybody’s coming from. I know we’ve got people in this group that are from all over the US. I think we’ve got some international people as well. Anyway, you guys, take care. I hope you all have a great afternoon and we’ll talk to you later. Take care. Bye.

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