Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

This book is good. Very good.  I wanted preface this review by saying that because this book really hit home for me.  When I went to pick it up at Borders I read the entire thing right there in the store before I bought it. Sometimes a book will really resonate with you, and this one did for me.

In Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passioncrushit-book Gary Vaynerchuk spells out the means by which one can live out their passion and even make a living doing it.

Be willing to do whatever it takes.  Passion is essential. Believe in yourself. Be absolutely committed and with the tools available you can “crush it”. These are great rules for any of us to live by.  And now, due to the availability of free social media tools it’s now possible to “crush it” and cash in on your passion – whether it’s wine (as it is in Gary’s case) or just about any other area that you’re passionate about.

In this book, you’ll learn the essential keys to building a successful personal brand.  Gary has become an incredible example of building a personal brand as demonstrated by the “Thunder Show”. Gary’s advice is well worth paying attention as I can’t think of anyone else recently who’s done such an amazing job in building his brand.

To be relevant you have to create outstanding content, and be a good story teller.  Establish yourself as a subject matter expert, and package it in a way that will draw other like-minded people. Authenticity is an absolute must; fakes and phonies will be sniffed out quickly in today’s modern social media.  Do the right thing. Always. And as Gary says on numerous occassions, “quality is an amazing filter”.  If you’re doing it right, with quality content, and an entertaining and meaningful way by which you say it you can be successful.

Once you’ve built your brand and demonstrated your expertise, there are numerous ways by which you can cash in and make a living out your passion.  Gary points out that you have to work tirelessly, but in the end it will be worth it. People are doing every day.

The book as a whole is a very easy read (he dictated the whole thing!).  As I mentioned, I read it quickly at the store and took it home with me, but that’s not to say that it’s lacking information.  Several parts were well worth going back through – namely the chapter on “Start Monetizing” as well as “Build Your Personal Brand”.  It’s incredibly inspiring and will leave you with a a feeling that you really can accomplish your goals and dreams and make a life out of it.  Highly recommended.

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