Dave Ramsey – EntreLeadership Review

Dave Ramsey has been wildly successful building his business from a card table in his living room to the force it is today. It’s obvious from the reach of his small business that he knows what he’s doing and I’m grateful that he put pen to paper in EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches to outline what’s made him so successful in his business. This is a book that you have to get.

Teaching financial principles of getting out of debt, saving, and giving has become a big business for him. He’s published the original Financial Peace and the Total Money Makeover and his live events are wildly successful.

His newest book does not fail to impress as it invites the reader to peer behind the curtain to see the principles and practices that he’s used to build his business and it’s impressive.

It leaves you wondering why more businesses don’t operate like this. In my experience a lot of companies talk about values, mission and goals, but rarely do they live up to it. Dave and his team have clearly built something awesome.

EntreLeadership is an outstanding  set of building blocks that take you from conception to implementation. It starts with getting the basics down correctly by defining your values, mission, vision and goals. It covers time management, how to build an awesome team, marketing, communication, compensation, and of course financial issues. It deals with how to handle gossip and how to use the “golden rule” treating your team members they way you’d want to be treated – with dignity and respect. This book is full of practical wisdom that any business owner benefit from.

One of the things that stands out to me is that everyone he talks about who works for him is a team member, not an employee and this is intentional on his part. He points out that you want people on your team that share your vision, mission and values and that all the team members are united on striving to achieve the mission of the company.

The central, recurring principle throughout the book that is clear on just about every page is strength of character and strength of conviction about what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s obvious from the first pages about defining Entreleadership as it is at the end when discussing delegation.

Every business owner needs to read this book. Every manager in a big company needs to read this book too.

I had the pleasure of attending Dave’s EntreLeadership live event previously and this book is a great complement to that seminar. A lot of the same things are covered, however it’s not repititious. In fact the book goes in to greater depth than what was covered at that event and it expands on some areas where I had questions and fills in a lot of gaps.

And if the book itself wasn’t awesome enough, there are several bonus chapters included on the book’s website. Also, several places in the book use QR codes to take you directly to online resources complementary to the chapter at hand. I didn’t use all of them, but they’re well-placed and definitely applicable and add value to the content.

I’ll be referring back to this book often as I build my business. This is one of those resources that you want to keep near by.


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