Digital Marketing Enigma: What Makes Others Successful When Your Stuff is Failing?

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 37

What is the difference between the people you see around you who are successful, and those who are not? Two words: Persistence and proficiency. It’s those two words that make all the difference in the world. How do you get there? That’s what this episode is all about, including the secret to finally making it through to the next level.

Persistence & Proficiency

Hey everybody, welcome back to Adventures in Digital Marketing. This is Rob Orr. Today, we’re talking about persistence and proficiency. This is something that’s been coming up in a few different contexts lately so I wanted to touch base on this.

Anyway, welcome back. It’s bright and early on a Monday morning here now in December. I am in my car on my way to the office as usual and something that came up and a couple different conversations that I’ve been a part of.

Something that I preach to myself regularly and really is kind of a guiding theme in this podcast is developing proficiency through persistence. The whole idea is that you get better and better at the things you’re trying do with more practice, more time, more effort and really more learning.

Unlocking Success

The idea or the conversation that came up over the weekend was— I was talking with somebody about their blog. They were talking about how they had tried a couple different sales funnels and really just kind of dismissed the idea of the sales funnels in general. Because their first couple efforts didn’t work.

I was really kind of puzzled because this keeps coming up in digital context or in the context of digital marketing. I don’t really understand why. Maybe this stuff will maybe shine a little bit of a light on it because this is the way I see it.

This person that I was talking to, she was saying that she was really into blogging and was really frustrated with the results that she was getting from selling things on her blog. We started talking about funnels, started talking about the idea of being an expert in creating products that you are able to sell your expertise and train people how to do things that you’re an expert at that kind of stuff. Then we started talking, she was familiar with the idea of sales funnels.

She had read and dog eared the dotcom secrets book which I thought was awesome. Yet, she gave up or was throwing in her hat or seemingly was ready just to kind of dismiss the whole idea after just a couple of attempts at building a sales funnel and trying to build something that works.

Don’t Give Up

This is something that I see happen a lot with people who are trying to get into digital marketing or building a business of any kind online. They spin up a WordPress site or they sign up for some kind of package or they have something else that they are trying to do online and they end up just stumbling their way through it.

Then they throw up their hands at the end of their effort which sometimes it’s more sometimes it’s less and as if they had given it their best shot and nothing’s going to work.  That really puzzles me and this is always the response that I get because first of all, I understand it. I totally get it.

I know what it’s like to feel to have spent a lot of money or a lot of time or a lot of effort on something that doesn’t really turn out how you want. I totally get that. I had been there. I’ve done that. I have learned a lot about digital marketing the hard way myself.

“I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

I totally feel the Thomas Edison quote when he was working on trying to create the light bulb that he had found 10,000 ways not to actually create the light bulb or something like that. I think I probably mentioned that before on the podcast here, but it was through his persistence that eventually got there.

That’s the idea, but for some reason, there seems to be this idea that if you’re not successful in the first couple attempts at what you’re trying to do online that you’re not cut out for it or it doesn’t work or you have something along those lines that it’s just not going to work for you.

The thing that I always come back to and why I tell the people that I’m talking to why Russell Brunson and Steve Larsen inspired me so much is so many times they lead their discussions with their failures. They talk about how many times it took them to get it right to build the funnel or to be successful was something that they were working on.

One of the things in the One Funnel Away Challenge was a discussion with Steve Larsen during one of his coaching calls. He was talking about how it took him like 34 or 35 different funnels or something like that before he found one that worked. Before he stumbled onto the formula that would actually work for what he was trying to sell there.

Instead of Giving In To Frustration Get Curious

Then you see Russell’s presentations. He’s really generous with putting that stuff out there with all of the different talks and things that he does. He talks about how Click Funnels the funnels for ClickFunnels failed like the first several times that he rolled it out there and nobody was biting on buying this ClickFunnels thing.

I say all that to say there is a lot of failure— not even failure just unsuccessful attempts at building something even for the guys that are at the top of the game. If that’s the case for the guys that are at the very top, why would it not be something similar for those of us that are getting started?

You may be a little bit further along than me. You may be a little bit behind me in terms of progress, but it’s always about trying to figure out how you through persistence can build proficiency and get better at doing what you do, get better at building your hooks, get better at telling your story and get better at creating your offer.

Practice, Practice and More Practice

Because that’s one of the things I was listening to one of Russell’s podcasts the other day. That’s one of the things he was talking about. He says, “If your funnel fails, it’s one of those three things.” It’s either your hook. It’s your story or it’s your offer. Your hooks not any good. Your story isn’t told right or your offer isn’t any good.

It really kind of breaks down to be one of those things. It takes practice to get that right. This is the analogy that I’ve been using and I think it fits because it requires us to kind of take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. The idea is this. You don’t walk into a piano store.

They still have those, I suppose. You don’t walk into a piano store and sit down and just start pounding out Mozart, or Beethoven the first time. You don’t do it the second time or the third. Maybe by the 10th or 20th or 100th time, you’re able to start putting together the different things that you need to do.

Because when it comes to piano, there’s technique. You have to be able to develop the coordination to have your hands in feet do different things independently of each other. You have to be able to develop that skill. Then you also have to understand some kind of musical structure.

You have to know a little bit about musical theory in scales and chords and those kinds of things. Then you also have to understand timing. You have to be able to understand how to consistently keep and count time over time. Then you need to understand the dynamics of music.

Some parts are softer, some parts are louder, some parts are a little bit slower, and some parts are a little bit faster. So when you sit down and you look at a piece of music, you have to bring all of these skills together in order to produce a great performance. I really think that this is very, very relatable to digital marketing.

Realistic Expectations

You shouldn’t expect to sit down the first time that you ever try to build a funnel and think that you are going to just nail it the first time out of the door. Because it takes understanding of the product creation process. You have to understand how to do that. You have to understand who your target market is.

You have to understand copywriting then you have to understand how to technically build a funnel. You have to understand all of these different pieces. So when those pieces all come together and they’re done right then you have something that you can put out there that will be successful.

And so when you look at a funnel that’s built by Steve or a funnel that’s built by Russell and his team or by any of the other bigger names that are in this space. What you’re seeing is the product of their trial and error and their learning process and their practice.

Lack Of Results Doesn’t Equal Failure

We use the music analogy again. It’s the hours of practice that you’ve seen them running their scales and their timing exercises and their warm-ups and all of these different things. Same thing goes here, you’re seeing the product of their copywriting experience, their web design skills, their technical abilities, their ability to tell a good story, their ability to set and create great hooks and their ability to bring all of that together to put something together that is going to work. So when it comes to getting started, don’t quit, persist.

That’s really my message this morning both for myself and for you as we all are on this digital marketing adventure together. The idea is really to stick with it, to learn, to have reasonable expectations, but work hard as hell to make things happen. I mean that’s what it’s really all about. So when you’re working on these things, don’t get discouraged if your first funnel flops, don’t get upset with yourself.

If your fifth funnel doesn’t work, you’ll see different things that you can learn from your funnels at different points in time in different places. Maybe it’s a little tweak in your copy. Maybe it’s a little tweak in your headline or something like that.

That is going to ultimately bring you the result that you were trying to get. So stick with it. Persist with it. Don’t give up. Keep on keeping on. Keep learning and that’s really what I’ve got for you for today.

So go and make today a great Monday. Go out and keep working hard and keep revising. I would love it though too if you would subscribe to the podcast. I’m on iTunes. I’m on Spotify, all those different places where podcasts are.

You can find the Digital Marketing Mastery group is different, but you can find The Adventures in Digital Marketing podcast on all of those places. Then you can also go to to join my private Facebook group where we are working on experiments together and talking about all things digital marketing in that private Facebook group. I would love to see you in there.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you guys have a great day. We’ll talk soon. Bye.

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