Entrepreneurship As Self-Development

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 26

There is a key that is absolutely crucial to determining whether you’re going to make it in this Digital Marketing Adventure, or not. And it may not be what you expect! Today’s episode touches on this classic virtue and why it’s so important to making progress in your online business. Plus, I cover some things I’m learning from the WordPress Blueprint funnel and what may be next there too, so you don’t want to miss this one!

Why entrepreneurship just may be the best self-development program ever


Hey everybody, welcome back to The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast. My name is Rob Orr, your host. Today, just want to catch you up on a few things that have been going on and just talk about this whole digital marketing experience and all that kind of fun stuff. I’ve been a little bit sick lately. Sorry for that. That wasn’t very nice.

Anyway, a couple things, one of the things that I’ve been working on a lot lately is working on some YouTube videos. I’ve been really encouraged by that. First of all, I’ve had an absolute blast producing these videos and never really knew that I would enjoy that so much and getting better at it and learning how to do some pretty cool stuff there.

If you’re interested in checking some of those out, I would definitely recommend going to And that’ll take you straight through to my YouTube page. I’ve also got them on my blog.

On the YouTube channel, I’ve really just been focused on trying to teach some of the stuff that I work on every day. Because when you’re getting started and when you are an online entrepreneur, you’re a creator. I take for granted I should say that people understand and know the things that I know.

I’m trying to put down a bunch of stuff to kind of help people to overcome their tech hurdles with their websites and stuff like that. That’s what’s going on the YouTube channel. The most recent one I did was the Seven Critical Steps that you need to do to start your own self hosted WordPress site.

We’ll talk more about that. That’s kind of the core of some of the stuff that I teach is one of my core audiences that people that I am looking to help is that group of people who a.) Either are just getting started or b.) Don’t have the time and patience to roll up their sleeves and do this stuff with the tech work.

So that’s what I’m doing on the YouTube channel. Like I said, you can go to and that will take you straight through there and I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel and that you would ring the bell there so you get notified whenever you get a new video published and that would be awesome.

So that is that, I’ve been having a really good time with that. I’m getting used to being on camera a lot more and it’s always a challenge, but I’m getting used to it and it’s doing really well. Getting some views on my videos. It’s going well.

It goes back to the idea from The One Funnel Away Challenge to be constantly publishing. There it is, there’s the YouTube stuff and then I’m doing Facebook Lives in the Facebook group. So if you’re not in the Facebook group then you definitely need to be there. You can find that at

That’s my short link for that because I don’t have a URL other than that right now. That way you can find your way straight through to the Facebook group where we are talking about all things digital marketing. The group there is called Digital Marketing Mastery.

It coincides with this podcast and the YouTube channel. You see how all this stuff fits together. We’re trying to help people where they’re at. There you have it, but updates. As you know, I have recently released the WordPress blueprint book and that’s going really well. It’s going better than expected.

It’s still not as much as I would hope for but, like I’ve said so many times on this podcast, it’s man, there’s so much refinement and so much to learn from your funnels and the feedback loop that you get.

Yeah, there’s so many things to learn. So I feel like I’m again, I’m going to drinking from the firehose here when it comes to all the information that I’m learning about my funnel and my offer and all of that stuff. I’ve got really great plans. I’ve got my own challenge that’s going to be coming up soon as a result of this stuff that I’ve learned from this funnel that I’ve got and man, I have just absolutely been learning a ton. The book is doing well. I’ve been shipping out a ton of physical copies.

Lots and lots of downloads of the free version. That may be coming to an end soon. I’m not real sure what I’m going to do there yet, but I may just have to limit that because I’ve got an another idea that I think may improve the overall performance of that funnel.

So we’ll see what happens there, but for you if you’re listening to this– so what is what are the takeaways that you can glean from this if you’re listening to this podcast? The biggest thing that I’ve learned about any of this stuff is that the exercise of doing online business and the things that you have to do results in the greatest self-development course that you could buy.

We’ll talk about that again here in a second. It also requires a lot of humility and in humility, if you’re outside of spiritual and religious circles it’s probably not a term that is associated with anything positive. It’s not something that you hear a lot about. Humility is not really valued as a virtue.

Humility, the way that I describe it is that you are free from false pretenses and that you’re open and teachable. If you’re not, then if you’re not teachable then it’s going to be a lot of frustration. It’s still going to be a lot of frustration, but it’s just going to be more frustrating if you’re not humble and you’re not able to read between the lines and take honest stock of what’s going on.

Because like I said, this exercise in online business is really an exercise in character refinement. I heard that first mentioned by Steven Larson, I think in the first One Funnel Away Challenge that I did it over a year ago. It’s so true because there is so much that is involved in terms of work ethic, in terms of drive, in terms of personal excellence, in terms of humility like we were talking about that you as a person are going to be refined and changed as you engage in business.

Because when I first got started this is how stupid I was. I thought that if you build it they would come kind of mentality. There wasn’t really a lot of work that was involved with it there. There wasn’t—if you built something cool then you could be lucky and just nail it the first time around that that kind of thing.

That’s one of the things that I’ve been talking to people a lot about lately, too is that it requires so much persistence. Again, going back to this idea of character building and character refinement that it’s really challenging.

So, if that’s not for you then online entrepreneurship and digital marketing probably isn’t for you. But nevertheless, I would still encourage you to go through with it and pursue it just for those qualities themselves because it’s going to make you a better person.

Again, referring back to Steve Larson, he talks about this a lot during the coaching sessions in The One Funnel Away Challenge. He talks about how he became a different person through the lessons that he was learning from Russell and the things that he needed to overcome in order to do the business that he wanted to do.

His passion for his business pushed him through the discomfort and the character challenges that he was facing. He talked about being a shy kid and introverted and awkward and those kinds of things and how he had to blast through all of that stuff in order to get through to the success that he wanted to have.

He was absolutely sold out in being successful. You can obviously tell that that is been the case for him because he’s been wildly successful. Anyway, that’s the thing that I fight with and the things that I’m challenged with is the same things being out there in front of people.

Like I said, doing the YouTube videos, doing the podcast, and just constantly being publishing and constantly working on getting better at what I do. It’s all this exercise in self-development. It’s really not even meant to be self-development. It’s just that if you want to get something out there that the market is going to be interested in. It’s got to be great. In order to be great, you have to work hard on it. In order to work hard on it, you’ve got to be able to push through.

Like I said, it becomes an exercise in character development. Ultimately, you have to be humble and be willing to hear sometimes that your baby is ugly. That was one of the things that I learned in sales a long time ago is that you never tell somebody else that their baby is ugly.

But that doesn’t stop you from looking at your baby and going, “You know, this is ugly and it’s not doing what I wanted it to do.” And being willing to let go of what you think it should be to make it better is just the way things go. Those are the things that I’ve been fighting through.

Like I said, the book has been doing well. I’ve sent tons of copies. I’ve sent tons of digital downloads. I’m building my list on this and it’s been really encouraging and I continue to working on that and refine that.

If you’re interested in the WordPress blueprint book, I would love to send you a copy if you would go to You can go and download a free copy, at least for now. Like I said, that may be going away but you’ve got that opportunity to grab that book for free.

If you want to check out what’s going on YouTube where we’re talking about more instructional kinds of things then please go to If you want to see what’s going on the blog. I’ve got tons and tons of stuff on my blog and I would love to have you come there as well. This podcast is there. All my videos are there. All of my blog posts are there and you can go to to find my blog.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today just stuff that’s on my mind this morning as I’m heading into the office. I hope that helps. I hope that if you’re getting started and you’re struggling that these discussions are encouraging to you because I don’t want you to be alone in the adventure.

I don’t want you to feel like you’re isolated and that there’s not help out there for you or that you’re the only one that’s struggling with these things because it’s not true. I’m struggling with it. There are thousands of other people that are struggling with it, too.

As you make your progress just make sure that you’re unified with the community. You’ve got this podcast. There are lots of resources for you to get connected with other people who share the same passions and same goals that can help you and that you can help as well. That’s the whole point of the Facebook group as well.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today, folks. I hope that helps. Until next time, we’ll talk soon. Bye, bye.

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