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conversation-community-smOne of my favorite things to do is to get involved in discussions around web design, blogging, WordPress, Drupal, internet marketing, and overall entrepreneurship.

I’m fascinated by all these things and I’m always getting in to great conversations – sometimes via email, and sometimes via message board. 

However, what I’ve realized is that sometimes those conversations make for really good blog post topics. In fact, I’ve already created several posts in the past that have been related to these kinds of discussions.

But the problem is, only a very few people get to see the answers to the questions, and discussions that have been really helpful when they’re stuck in my inbox, or their on a forum where they’re not a member.

Plus, in addition, it almost always makes for great blog content, and I’ve realized that I’m writing a lot more than I ever thought.

So I’m changing that. I’m planning on doing that by “reducing my keystrokes“.

You may or may not have heard about this. But to sum it up really quickly, you only have so much time in the day, and you only have so many keystrokes available to you in your lifetime, according to this post.

So what I’ll be doing will accomplish a few things:

  • It will hopefully serve the broader website owner/entrepreneur community by bringing these discussions in to a more open and public format.
  • It will reduce the pressure that I’m facing to consistently come up with topics to cover for my blog. Often, as I mentioned, I get a lot of inspiration for posts I do by these conversations, so it’s a win/win situation.
  • It will cut down on writing time, and actually increase the amount of output I have on my blog.

Don’t worry about a private or sensitive question finding its way here. That will never happen. If there is ever a question of whether or not the conversation/question is appropriate the automatic answer will always be no.

I’m working in reducing my keystrokes, so the volume of posts will increase – probably to two or three times more a week than what I’ve been doing so far this year, but I only see that as a good thing.

All these posts will find a home under my new “Questions & Answers“ category.

The new category will kick off with the Q&A that I just did for my new project, WPLaunch, followed by a question on e-commerce.

Hope you enjoy it and you find it useful.

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