Family Emergencies, Windshield Time, and Delivering Value

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 52

It’s been a little quiet from me lately, but for good reason. One of the things I’ve not really talked about is a phone call that I got while I was in Nashville at Funnel Hacking Live. I talked about it a little in the Digital Marketing Mastery Group yesterday, but I also wanted to cover it here so you folks who aren’t part of that group can know what’s going on.

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I’m also talking about pulling out all the stops in delivering as much help and value to you as I can, so make sure that you tune in to this episode!

What’s New

Good morning, everyone. Welcome back to The Adventures in Digital Marketing podcast. My name is Rob Orr. I’m your host. Today, I think I owe you a little bit of explanation about where I’ve been and what’s been going on and catch you up on the latest. That’s what we’re going to be going over today.

It’s bright and early here on a Friday morning as I’m heading into the office now to get caught up on some stuff. If you are a regular listener of this podcast, you probably noticed that I have not been on for probably the better part of the last week maybe almost two weeks now doing my live podcast in the morning. There’s a good reason for that.

Just to catch you up, if you’re not part of my Digital marketing Mastery group on Facebook, I would encourage you to go sign up for that. I’m always talking about what’s going on there. Facebook Live is a regular thing for me there. I would definitely encourage you to go and check that out.

Podcast isn’t going anywhere. I did a Facebook Live yesterday to kind of catch the folks in that group of on what’s been going on. I got a call. Well let me back up.

What’s going on with my mom

As you know, I went to funnel hacking live a couple weeks ago and it was an incredible event. I had a great time, met lots of great people and had really just an overall amazing experience. I got a phone call while I was there that was rather unexpected. It was my sister in Orlando.

Letting me know that my mom had been in a hospital for a week and nobody knew about it. The reason that she knew was that the hospital had called and they had found her information in some of my mom’s old medical information. So they found my sister and called her to let her know what was going on.

Now, to give you a little bit of a scenario. My mom lives by herself. We lost my stepdad a couple years ago. She has been one of those folks that’s very adamant about maintaining her independent lifestyle. My sister and I talked to her often and we check in regularly with her.

We don’t talk like every week. We probably talked maybe once every couple of weeks. I should have known something was going on because my daughter had been texting her. She didn’t get a response which, sometimes isn’t really all that uncommon for my mom.

I mean, she’s in her 70s now. She doesn’t always feel like carrying her phone with her or responding to text messages. We all get like that right?

Anyway, that should have been my first clue. Anyway, so I’m at funnel hacking live and so I get this call from my sister that she’s been in the hospital. She’s not really doing well. I called my mom immediately. I left the session that I was in and called her immediately to find out what was going on and was able to get through to her and she sounded decent, sounded very tired and was not doing great.

Long story short, she was released from the hospital this Saturday that Funnel Hacking Live ended. We, being my wife and my daughter and I, we got back, went down to Orlando later that week. I think it was a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon to go check on my mom, to go find out what was going on because she’d been staying with my sister.

My mom, her health was fine. She was good enough to go home from the hospital. They couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She had lost her appetite. She had gone and wasn’t feeling really good.

She called the paramedics herself and had them take her to the hospital instead of calling my sister which, I mean, sometimes people are just going to be the way they’re going to be. So my sister— it’s been taken care of. We get down there to see her. She’s got her follow up appointment. I’ve been talking with my sister all week.

We knew that she had her follow up with her primary. I told my sister I was like, “We got to make absolutely sure that she goes and has this follow up with her doctor so that we can get a check out on her and make sure that she’s doing okay.”

Fast forward a little bit, we had that follow up and then the doctor ordered a bunch of new tests. Those tests we found out the results yesterday, which would have been Wednesday.

So I drove back down to Orlando because I come back home. I drove back down to Orlando two days ago on Wednesday to be with her while she got those results. I was obviously worried about my mom. Not sure what’s going to happen there. We got the results, and we come to find out that she’s had a stroke. That was what we learn at our appointment a couple days ago.

Obviously, not the best news in the world, but my mom’s mental capacity had slipped a little bit. Her memory was not as strong as it once had been. We kind of noticed that. The doctor told us that she had a stroke. We don’t know when it was.

The good news is for her that this stroke did not affect any of her motor skills. She could walk fine. She doesn’t have any of the telltale signs that you normally see with a stroke like one side of their body is going limb for hard for her to control, none of that stuff is there.

That’s the good news. She’s still able to get around. My sister’s been making her get up and move around and get some exercise which is good for her. Then, but the bad news is that the stroke had a pretty serious effect on her memory.

We can tell, obviously that her memory is not good. That’s kind of the story of what happened. We’ve got additional follow ups and things that are going on. She’s got some new meds. The doctors got her on some stuff to hopefully help with improving her memory.

We’ve got our work cut out for us for what this next stage of my mom’s life is going to look like. That’s what’s been going on with me. Obviously, it’s rather challenging and I’m trying to keep up with my work and keep up with a lot of the other things that I do.

Just to be honest, my head and my heart were not really there in terms of trying to figure out a way to record the podcast so I let it go for the last little while, but we’re back on schedule. My mom is being taken care of.

She’s going to be up here with us in Tallahassee in a couple of weeks once my sister helps her work through some of the challenges that she’s got with some follow up physical therapy and those kinds of things that have to happen down there where she can be in close proximity to her doc.

Then she’s going to come up here and stay with us in Tallahassee for a little while. We’re hoping for the best. Hopefully that she’ll be able to make as complete recovery as possible from this situation.

It’s been a challenging little bit for her health over this last time period. I also want to apologize for the noise if it’s unusually noisy on the podcast this morning. That’s because it’s raining outside. It’s getting after it pretty good.

Funnel Hacking Live 2020 review on the way

Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been working through over the last week and a half, two weeks since I got back from Funnel Hacking Live. I still plan on doing my full review of Funnel Hacking Live. Keep an eye out for that.

That’ll be on my YouTube channel and got a bunch of other stuff. Now, one of the things that I also want to do is update you on a couple of things that are coming up. One of the biggest thing right out of the bat is my WordPress builder course that I created. The website workshop course is now free.

If you are part of my digital marketing mastering group on Facebook, you will be the first one among the first two to see that. What I’m doing is I want to I want to provide a lot of value to our members in that group. We’re growing steadily and adding new members almost every day now.

It’s awesome. I’m encouraged by that. I wanted to figure out a way that I couldn’t deliver even greater value because one of the things that’s been happening lately is I get lots of questions about stuff that I address in the course.

Free WordPress course

I figured this course would be able to help more people if more people had access to it. So as far as the funnel is for that is concerned, there will be some back end stuff that will be available to you like you’ll be able to purchase a copy of the ultimate WordPress book. You’ll be able to purchase the website content blueprint. I’ve got a couple other things that are going to be part of this.

As far as the premium part of the funnel is concerned, but the 23 video modules that are part of this course are going to be available for free in my Digital Marketing Mastery group and also on my YouTube channel.

So if you are struggling with getting started building and launching your self-hosted WordPress site, there’s a 23 part series that’s coming your way that covers absolutely everything that you need to know, to build and launch your own self-hosted WordPress site. That’s kind of like the big news.

Digital Marketing Mastery – Free Private Facebook group!

We started doing some new things in the group. I talked about that on the Facebook Live yesterday, which was more applicable just for them because some of the things that we’re doing there is exclusive for the members in that group.

So if you’re not part of that group, please go and check that out. You can join for free. I mean, you got nothing to lose. You got everything to gain. Another thing that we’re doing for members of that group is I’ve got some premium ClickFunnels templates that are free that you can download if you’re a member of that group.

I would definitely recommend checking those out because those are very market-specific kinds of funnels like restaurant and real estate and contractor and stuff like that. I would highly, highly recommend it for no other reason. Join the group because you can get access to all of those free funnel templates there.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got for today. That’s what’s going on in my world. That’s a little bit of an update about what’s going on. You’ll see the videos will start roll out here over the next several weeks. I’m going to be rolling out a new module Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I mentioned on the live yesterday that it probably wouldn’t start till next week, but actually the first module is going to go out today. It may even be the first couple modules. Hopefully, you will catch this podcast soon and you’ll be able to see that. That’s what I’ve got.

Once again, I would love for you to subscribe to my podcast. We are available in all of the places that you are able to get podcasts like iTunes, of course, Spotify, and Google and various other different places.

Please go and subscribe, please. Let me know what you want to hear about. I’ll do my best to cover what I’m working on and what’s going on and what’s working and what’s not on this podcast. I really want to hear from you guys though.

Leave me a comment on the blog post if you are so inclined to let me know what you’d like to hear about where you’re struggling, what are you struggling with? What questions do you have?

Got a question about Digital Marketing?

I would love to hear that because sometimes when I’m recording this podcast it does feel a little bit lonely in the sense that I’m driving down the road and I’m recording this podcast in my car. I want to be able to help you with the things that you’re struggling with.

Please let me know what questions you have. I will start answering those on this podcast as well. That’s all I’ve got for today guys. Hope you all are doing great. Until next time, take care. Bye.

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