Getting Ready for Funnel Hacking Live – The Calm Before The Storm

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 50

I’ve been to conferences before, but I’m pretty sure those other events are nothing like this one. Russell Brunson, being the master marketer that he is, has been building the hype about this event for a while now, and I’m super excited about being able to be part of it. This is big expense, but I’m also dialed in and focused on making the most of this event, and this podcast talks about what I’m doing to get prepped for the event.

Getting Ready For Funnel Hacking Live 2020

Hey, welcome back everyone to Adventures in Digital Marketing. Good morning, I am Rob Orr. I am your host. I’m on my way to the office here. It’s funnel hacking live week. I am absolutely stoked. I’m super excited about this. It’s been a minute since I’ve been to a conference and the conferences that I am usually associated with or the developer related con conferences.

So this is my first one that I’m going to that is marketing focused. I’m going to say I’m super excited about this. I’ve been trying to get ready and there’s a lot of things that need to be done. Of course, the standard stuff like laundry and getting your stuff together. So you got everything ready to go for the trip and that kind of stuff.

A different kind of conference

This one is a little bit different because one of the big things that I’m looking forward to this week is meeting and connecting with new people. The biggest challenge, I think doing digital marketing is that we tend to— maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s just me, but we tend to be a little bit isolated in the sense that it’s not like you’re meeting the people that you’re talking to all the time.

I live in Tallahassee, Florida. There is not a very big digital marketing footprint here. I know there are people here, but it’s not like living in bigger area like maybe Orlando or something like that, where there’s a much stronger presence of people that are working to build online businesses.

The thing that I’ve learned over the last couple years is that you can’t do this alone. Not that that’s a secret, by any stretch of the imagination because you can’t really build anything on your own. The biggest challenge is to get your voice heard and to get your message out is being able to make connections with other people.

Blogging Conference

I went to my friend Jonathan Milligan’s conference. He has a conference called Blogging Your Passion Live. I’ve been the last couple years to that. That’s been pretty amazing.

I do plan on going back to that this summer, if he is planning on doing it again, because it’s been really great to make connections with people that are in that niche, the blogging niche. I blog, obviously, and I’ve got a podcast and I’ve got a YouTube channel and all that stuff, but it’s great to see the people that are behind on the other side of the monitor there.

The people that you’re talking to, and getting to meet those people and build those kinds of relationships. That’s what I think I’m most excited about. I’ve been to Nashville before. It’s been a long time. I’m excited about the trip. My wife is jealous. She wants to go, but maybe next time. We can’t do that this time, but hopefully next year.

Making Connections

The big thing for me though, obviously, is meeting people and making new connections and putting faces to the people that we meet online. Also being able to be prepared for what you’re going to learn. That’s my big thing because obviously, funnel hacking live is a big expense and not one that I have taken lightly by any stretch of the imagination.

My goal really is to try to figure out how to get the most out of this. There have been some good resources recently that some of my peers in the digital marketing community have been putting out for how to get the most out of it. I’m excited about that.

I’m going to have some cards and some things that I’m going to do to try to make this a net positive for income because there are going to be people there that I can help. There are lots of people there that are going to be only moderately familiar with digital marketing and building and launching websites.

Getting Prepared

I’m really excited about that. That’s kind of where my mind is. I’m a little scatterbrained this morning because I get a lot of stuff on my mind. Because I got a lot of things to do today and tomorrow to be ready to be at the conference on Wednesday.

That’s what I really wanted just to kind of touch base on this morning more than anything. This podcast is a podcast about what’s going on in digital marketing and what I’m working on, and what’s working, what’s not. I think this is going to be a big win for me and my business, hopefully.

I’ll be able to help a lot of others with the things that I learned from this. I mean, that’s ultimately what this is all about. We’re serving people.

Building Your Mission

Yes, we all want to make money. Yes, we all want to earn. Yes, we all want to build freedom into our lives, but at the end of the day, we want to be able to help others learn from the things that we’ve learned and learn from our mistakes, and learn from our successes and be able to replicate success on our own.

Because we do all, I think all of us especially if you’re listening to this podcast, we’re looking to build freedom into our lives. We want to be able to break free of the other things that hold us back, the traditional job and working for a paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with having that.

I’m on my way to my job as a web developer with a company that treats me extremely well and is a fantastic organization to work with. But we all yearn to be free and to have some greater degrees of flexibility when it comes to our finances.

We want to be able to put giant payments on debt and save for our kid’s college funds and be able to give generously, as well as be able to build a life for ourselves. I know that’s what it is for me. That’s at least part of my motivation, but if you haven’t looked into funnel hacking live, I would really encourage you to check it out.

I have no idea where there’ll be next year. This is a once a year kind of thing so it’ll be a big deal.  I know that there’ll be lots of pitches and opportunities for me to be loosening up my wallet even more. We’ll see how that goes. This whole thing is just you know, about meeting people, making connections and learning.

Accomplishing Your Goals

And really the thing that made me decide to pull the trigger this year was hearing the stories of what people have accomplished that went last year. On this podcast, I talk a lot about learning the most from those people that maybe one or two steps ahead of me.

That’s really what it was is there’s a group of people that I am connected with on Facebook like Doug Boughton and Dan cook and Alan Dean and several other people that are really doing a great job of building community and being successful with their businesses that were at funnel hacking live last year.

That have launched their businesses into the stratosphere. I’m inspired by that because I really am one of those people that is looking at this and saying, “Man, if Doug can do this so can I. If Alex Elliot can do this so can I.” That’s not to take away from anything that any of those people do.

People Just Like Me

I just I look at them and I see people that look like me. I see people that are in similar situations that I’m in. I see people who have that hunger to make something more of the opportunities that they have before them. So I see those folks and I’m really inspired to want to take the next step and to catch up with him to take that next step and to grow in my own business.

So if you haven’t checked out funnel hacking live, I would definitely recommend checking that out. Not having even been myself. I’ve been watching a lot of stuff on YouTube from people who have been in previous years and I was watching a documentary yesterday afternoon, about funnel hacking live 2019, the ClickFunnels people had put together.

It’s inspiring. I see the results that people are producing as a result of participating in this conference. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. That’s the stuff that I’m working on. That’s what I’m getting ready for tomorrow. I will have my video out on YouTube for quick tips Tuesday.

I definitely want to encourage you to go to roborr.tv to go and check that out as well. My Facebook Lives will probably—well they won’t be as focused on the Seven Pillars this week because I’m obviously going to be out of town on Thursday afternoon.

That won’t be available but I will be doing Facebook Live from the funnel hacking live conference. So be able to check out some of that, too.

Anyway, hope you guys are doing great this week. I hope you get off to a great start this week. You guys take care and until next time. We’ll talk later. Bye.

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