Funnel Hacking Live & Cyber Monday – It’s Time To Grow

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 34

Today’s episode is all about next steps and growth. I mentioned on my Facebook Live last week that I’ve signed up to go to Funnel Hacking Live in Nashville in 2020 and I could not be more excited! It’s going to be an amazing experience from everything I’ve heard about it, and I cannot wait to meet so many of you who I’ve only met online. It’s also the last chance to get in on the special deal that started on Black Friday – there are only a few hours left! Check the link below to get started.

If you’re interested in learning more about Funnel Hacking Live you can check out this link here:

Much Needed Downtime

Hey everybody. Welcome back to Adventures in Digital Marketing. I’m Rob Orr and I’m your host. It is bright and early here on a Monday morning after the Thanksgiving holiday. Man, I got to tell you it was a much-needed downtime for me.

Sometimes you don’t realize how hard you’ve been going until you have the opportunity to sit still for a few minutes. This was one of the best breaks I can remember having in a long time. If you’ve been listening to the podcast at all, if you’ve heard any of the episodes, I’ve been running pretty hard for a while now trying to get a bunch of things done, trying to get new things going.

Anyway, I’ve been going pretty for lack of a better expression. It was really much needed. Unfortunately, my daughter got sick on Thanksgiving Day. We ended up staying home while my wife made the family rounds and went and got us some turkey and got us some good stuff after she made her rounds and all that sort of stuff. Peyton and I ended up staying home and resting.

It’s funny. I fell asleep in my chair watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and then watching football. It was just a great time of relaxation. I’m always wanting to have done a lot more and produced a lot more during those kinds of times, but it was much needed. I actually feel pretty refreshed as I head into the office here this morning.

Anyway, I hope that you guys had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I hope that it was a time of renewal and relaxation for you. That’s kind of the precursor to the upcoming Christmas holiday season which is less than a month away now. We are actually already in the month of December.

It’s going to be 19 enough and until we get to go to January 1 then we’ll be off to the New Year. Then goals for the New Year and all that kind of stuff. Anyway, real quick, just two things.

Funnel Hacking Live 2020

I did a Facebook Live the other day. I’m going to put that here on the podcast so you can hear that as well. But if you did not see that Facebook Live, I have signed up and registered and paid for my ticket to go to funnel hacking live in Nashville in January.

I am super stoked to be able to do that. I kind of mentioned it on the podcast. It is definitely a bit of reaching out on faith. For me, I’m going out on a limb. I haven’t done much of this. I’ve done designer conferences and web development stuff on several occasions. The whole conference idea isn’t a new experience to me, but I haven’t done anything in the way of like these marketing conferences especially really big, really well done professional, high quality conferences like Funnel Hacking Live.

I’ve been watching the names drop for some of the keynote speakers. It seems like there’s going to be a lot of awesome stuff going on. The thing for me is, I’m excited about learning and making connections. The speakers would be great.

I have no doubt in my mind that I’m going to come back and I’m going to be psyched out of my mind with ideas and inspiration and all kinds of stuff to take the next step to help me to do business better online. I’m very excited about that.

Also, the speakers are going to be amazing, but I think the thing that I look forward to most is meeting some of you. I know that some of you that listen to this podcast will be there and that will be awesome. Meeting some of the other people that I get to interact with online face to face will be awesome, too.

I’m very excited about that part. If you don’t know what Funnel Hacking Live is, I’ll put a link in the show notes. It is the sales funnel marketing extravaganza that is put on by Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels crew. Hopefully you’ve heard of Russell if not then we definitely got some things to talk about because I think Russell is one of those guys that is really an innovator in the online space.

There are lots of people out there that have done big things, but Russell’s doing it at a different level. The thing that I like most about Russell is at the core of who he is, he’s a teacher. That’s a big deal to me because he does a really good job of it.

If you listen to his podcast, if you’ve ever bought any of his products, if you’ve picked up his free books, if you watched any of his YouTube videos, he is constantly teaching.  I really appreciate that. That is one of the things that sold me about Funnel Hacking Live would be the ability to go.

Plus, yeah, I’ve heard from so many people that have gone and what a great experience it is. There you go. It’s going to be a great exciting time, no doubt. Hopefully, like I said, I’ll get to meet a lot of you guys and a lot of other people that I know from the online world as well.

Build & Launch WordPress

I did that I believe on Wednesday night or Thursday last week. I’m stoked about that. I’m also super excited. This is the last day if you are not on my email list then you may not have heard because I haven’t been blasting it out everywhere.  I ran a Black Friday special for The Ultimate WordPress blueprint book and course.

Today is the last day that you can get that. If you are interested in that at all. Basically the whole idea that as I’ve talked about before behind creating The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint is that you get everything that you need to build and launch your own self hosted WordPress website and a little bit more.

Because my big problem for the longest time was these affiliate hooks that people put out there, “Hey, go sign up through my affiliate link for this particular host and you can install WordPress for free.”

After that, there really rarely if ever has been much instruction on what you do once you get on the other side of that. What do you do? Now you’ve installed WordPress, okay, great. What’s the next step?

Solving Your Tech Headaches

There’s a lot more to creating a professional or even just a high quality WordPress site than just going through one-click install on some hosting platforms service. That’s the whole motivation behind the course because I know what it was like for me.

When I was first getting started, it was insane. It drove me absolutely better. I couldn’t find the information that I needed to build my website. It was a ton of frustration for me. Of course, when I was getting started WordPress was just in its very infancy.

There was a lot tremendously less information then than there is now. The whole idea was I wanted to be able to help people to learn what I learned. For me, that whole process turned into me becoming a web developer.

I caught the fever for learning web development when I was first getting started when my daughter was born. It rekindled my passion for coding. I just took that to a whole another level and ended up turning it into web development career which was great.

Not everybody wants to become a web developer. And a lot of people experienced the frustrations that I felt when I started.

Everything You Need For WordPress

Anyway, long story short, the motivation behind this is to give you all of the tools that you need to create your own self hosted WordPress site and do it fast. That’s the motivation there.

That’s what it is. Its 23 modules. It’s not a 10-minute video that teaches you how to sign up at a hosting service. This is 23 modules that covers how to work with posts and pages and how to work with the media center and how to install your theme and how to work with widgets and how to set up MailChimp for your mail service and so much more. (BTW – the course is free now!)

Especially there’s a whole section on Gutenberg on how to use Gutenberg. That was the whole motivation for behind creating that if you haven’t heard that before. The Black Friday special really is a special where I’m giving you basically all that I’ve created over the last year.

It’s my WordPress checklist which has been wildly popular for starting a WordPress site. It’s a digital copy of The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint book by itself is it is $49.97 value. The physical copy of the book which is also a $49.97 value. You also get the entire course which is $197.

Then you get the website content blueprint which is a guide that I created that helps you to draft the content for your website. Then you get my website goals checklist. You get my guide on how to build a homepage, my guide on how to build an about page.

My resources guide for all website owners and everything that as a website owner need to have and more. Then to top it all off, you get a one on one, one-hour coaching session with me where we go through any and all of the questions that you have about WordPress to help you get started. That could be content.

It could be tech. It could be monetization. It could be any of those things. The way I’m doing that is once those folks that have signed up and grab one of these limited slots for this coaching session is I’m going to email you and we’re going to talk about a couple things so we can get prepped for your call so that we make the most efficient use of our time. That makes sense, right?

I want it to be a time where we are talking about important stuff and we are all on the same page and make the best use of our time and then we’ll record the video and I’ll send it off to you. That’s the bundle.

It’s a great deal, I think. I think that there’s a ton of value. Even if you already have a website, the technical direction and training that you’ll get from this is worth the price of admission anyway. The cost on that is just $197.

You get all of those things for $197. Today is the last day to get that. If you’ve been thinking about hopping on board and doing this, there are only a few slots left for the one on one coaching. You’ll definitely want to jump online or jump on and grab that.

It’s a great offer and I think that you will – like I said, even if you’ve got a website already the technical training that we’ve got in there is going to really be valuable if you are not a tech person just for the ongoing maintenance of your website.

That’s what I’ve got for today. Today is Monday. It’s time to go make something and ship something and do something and make something happen. I hope everybody’s doing great.

Hope you guys are ready for the week. That’s all I’ve got for today. Until next time, you guys take care and we’ll talk later. Bye

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