Getting Ideas For Buying Expired Domain Names?

Complete Guide on How to Choose a Domain Name

Getting Ideas For Buying Expired Domain Names?

So we’ve covered a lot so far. You’ve got a few ideas, but you need some inspiration. Here are a few sources where you can generate some ideas for your domain name

  • Domain Tools – Find some great suggestions by starting with your idea, or keyword ideas
  • Domainr – Great resource that will give you results for all kinds of options for TLDs
  • Panabee – Gives you some creative choices that may – or may not – work for you
  • NameMesh – Generates some creative ideas based on keywords you input

Buying expired domain names – the pros and cons

Is buying an expired domain name a good idea?

Buying a domain name that just expired is a great way to find a domain name. I’ve bought several this way. You will want to do your due diligence when you buy domains this way as you would when buying a premium domain because the reason that it was dropped by the previous owner could be that it was de-indexed by the search engines, or some other negative reason.

However, that’s not always the case. A lot of times, people just let go of old domains they have no intention of using, and can’t justify spending the money on to keep it registered any longer.

Catching a domain just as it expires can be challenging though. There are a lot of different ways domains expire, and my intent isn’t to cover that here. For our purposes, an expired domain is one that’s found its way back into the available pool of domains and has been picked up by a business who focuses on selling these recently dropped domains.

These domains are usually much less expensive than the premium domain names we discussed earlier.

Here are a few sources you can use to search for expired domain names.

  • JustDropped.com – This is my personal favorite. I’ve used this site to buy several high quality expired domains. You can subscribe to their newsletter and get a list of new domains that have just dropped sent to you.
  • ExpiredDomains.net – This is a great source for finding a domain. There are tons of options here for researching the perfect domain name. I’ve spent several hours researching domains on this site for niche site projects.
  • FreshDrop.com – This is another great option for researching domains. This is a great tool with a simple and easy to understand interface. The free version will be fine for basic searches and research, but if you want to dig deeper the pro version ($32.95 per month) may be right for you.