Question 5. Will your users be generating any content on the site?

How much does a website cost?

One of the big factors that requires some finesse to manage is user generated content. Login access, and user profiles are one thing. Managing content generated by users can be something more substantial.

Most cases where users are generating content are instances where you have different levels of people in your business who are responsible for different sections of content on the site.

As an example, the marketing department may have a person responsible for keeping their part of the site up to date, and you have another person who’s responsible for managing product documentation, uploading and managing PDFs and other documents.

It could also be community-related content like you’d find in user forums. Some sites offer their users the ability to create blog posts and other content. Other sites allow users to upload images.

The kinds of content will vary.

Creating the various levels of user accounts and access permissions needs to be handled carefully.

Cost of creating content generation roles and permissions

DIY – For simple sites this is pretty straight forward. If you’re using a content management system like WordPress, it ships with some built-in features that will help you build these out.

There are plugins that can help you with more complex needs as needed, but for the most part, a CMS like WordPress will do a good job of handling the workflow needed.

Freelancers & Agencies – There are times when your user generated content is more complex and the needs for managing the workflow needs more specific control, and that’s where working with a freelancer or an agency can really help.

As an example, I built a site one time that had ten different content manager roles with unique permissions to create and generate content for each one.

Crazy, right?

This expense is part of your overall development cost for custom projects, but if you have an explicit need for this kind of feature make sure you cover it with your developer before you get started with the project. You can estimate that these kinds of complex user-focused content generation management tools can start around $2500 – $4000 and go from there, depending on the complexity and number of different user roles.