This One Thing Set Me Back For Years

Having a healthy sense of skepticism isn't always a good thing

I started with a chip on my shoulder. I blew it off. I dismissed it all as a bunch of junk. It was all a bunch of lies aimed at separating me from my money, or so I told myself. I viewed everything through a very skeptical frame of reference, at best. Outright scorn at

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MYTH BUSTED: One Of The Biggest LIES We Tell Ourselves

It's insidious. It's cancerous. And it's a complete myth.

Did you know that there is an audience out there who’s anxious to pay you to teach them? Seriously – it’s true. Here’s an example: I’m a big fan of podcasts (isn’t just about everyone these days?) and I was listening to a show one day while I was mowing the lawn with sweat pouring

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