Answer this one question to accelerate your homepage’s performance

Define your priorities to build a killer home page

“What does success look like?”

If I asked you that question during a consultation about your website, would you know how to answer it?

Sometimes, I get really great answers.

Sometimes, I get blank stares.

It’s a crucial piece to knowing what you’re trying to do online.

A lot of times clients just know they “need a website” but don’t know much more than that.

But where do you begin?

When it comes to designing a new homepage for your website the best place to start is by figuring out your strategy and what you want to achieve before you start building anything.

My work as a web designer & developer is to help people find answers to that question, then figure out how to create a page that matches that answer.

One of the first things I talk about with clients when working on a design for their new site is priorities.

“What’s the first thing you want a visitor to do when they get to your homepage?”

Sometimes, they just haven’t thought about it. It’s not uncommon to see situations where they never really defined success or had anyone walk them through a discussion of priorities when it comes to their homepage outside of what they want it to look like.

Your homepage is there for more reasons than to just look pretty. It should be a vital piece of your online strategy.

Once you’ve figured out the first thing you want a visitor to do then you need to figure out the steps that follow.

Then, after figuring out the first thing ask, “Then what do you want them to do after that?”

Here’s the bottom line:

To make your homepage a success you have to figure out what you want your visitors to do when they get there and define what success looks like.

Maybe it’s signing up for a trial of your service.

Maybe it’s signing up for a demo.

Perhaps it’s downloading a guide of some kind.

Maybe it’s leading them to view your products or services.

Maybe it’s prompting them to pick up the phone and call you.

Your homepage is one of the first places visitors are going to come in to contact with you, so if you want your website to be successful you have to define success, and what you want visitors to do on your homepage, then design, deploy and measure the results.

Without a clear picture of what your priorities are, and what success looks like, you can end up with a site that has a lot of nice features but really doesn’t accomplish much.

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