How I got started and how I learned about online business for the first time for real

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 2

I’ve decided – at least for now – to call this podcast Adventures in Digital Marketing. This episode talks about how I first learned about real-world examples of people doing business online and saw the theoretical stuff I’d been learning about in the real world.


Welcome back, everyone. I’m Rob Orr. It is a little bit after five o’clock here in the morning, and I am on my way into the office here. This is the new podcast I’m starting and I’m calling it “Adventures In Digital Marketing”.

I decided on that as a title because that’s what it’s going to be about. It’s going to be a podcast where I’m talking about all the things that I’m working on, and all the things that I’ve learned. It’s a testing lab for lack of a better expression that we’re talking about what works, what doesn’t work, and where I’m getting results.

Hopefully, you can figure it out and learn from my mistakes and my successes and do the same kinds of things for yourself as well. The whole idea behind this really, for me is, I got started in my own adventures in digital marketing, by listening to podcasts.

The Smart Passive Income podcast from Pat Flynn was one of the very first ones that I ran into probably the first one. Internet Business Mastery was another one that I learned from when I was just starting to kind of turn the corner and how I thought about online business and stuff like that.

Last time, I talked a little bit about my story, and how I kind of got started with all of this. Just to kind of recap a little bit of that.

So you got a frame of reference from where I’m coming from is that, I had this really jaded view of online marketing and online business. I didn’t trust anybody. I was super skeptical about anybody doing anything and saying anything.

I’m not real sure what the root cause behind that was. I was just really jaded and had a really skeptical perspective on that.

So when it finally started to dawn on me, I was working as an account executive for UPS, the shipping company, and my daughter had just been born. I’m working as account rep. Some of my customers and clients that I’m calling on are these businesses and online businesses.

Going back, several years ago, but even then there was this little mom and pop ecommerce stores and shops that we’re doing unbelievable things. That was really when the perspective kind of shifted for me. There used to be here in town a bookstore called Borders Books.

I used to go there all the time, and was always looking through the business section. I remember seeing a book on doing business in eBay and it was one of those complete idiot’s guides. I remember looking at it, and I just was kind of shaking my head at it.

Again, that whole really jaded kind of perspective and just kind of dismissing it. I kind of thought to myself, maybe somebody’s doing this somewhere. I’ve never really kind of seen any real results about anybody doing these kinds of things.

Well, fast forward a little bit to my time at UPS. Here I am calling on these e-commerce businesses. That’s what they do. They ship. They’re selling stuff online so they have to have a shipping provider. They’d be shipping stuff through the post office and some stuff through UPS.

I would start to call on these businesses. It was amazing the things that I saw, I could not believe what was going on, and you would never know it. I mean, I would go to call them these businesses and I remember one time, there was a business where these best friends were selling flatware plates, missing items.

I guess their whole business was if you’ve broken one of items in your set that you could go to them and they would find it for you and get your replacement, so on. They had this business where they were shipping numerous orders every day. When I’m saying when I say numerous, we’re talking about 15, 20, 25 orders every single day sometimes more.

But that was their whole business and they were running it out of a makeshift shed that was in their backyard. I remember going in, and meeting them and talking with them about their website, talking about obviously, their shipping needs, those kinds of things.

I could not believe how awesome it was going for them. That’s when things finally started to change and shift for me because it wasn’t just them then I ran into people that were selling on eBay and had businesses that were shipping 50 to 100 packages a day and more on eBay.

Then there was a sporting goods store that was shipping 100 packages a day. All this stuff was online ordering. I was completely floored.

Finally, everything that I had been hearing about in terms of doing business online, just started to open up and I’m like, “Now, I see.” That’s the thing is, sometimes when you see things, it’s a lot easier to understand what’s really going on.

And for me, it was the reality of the claims that were being made in those books about how you could start your own business. This is going a long way. I’m sure there’s still people that are making money on eBay and still able to do their own online stores.

I know Fulfillment by Amazon is kind of a big deal right now. That’s kind of where things have shifted, but the same things when it came to internet marketing were the claims.

I told you last time about the Warrior Forum and I didn’t know anybody in there so I didn’t know what to believe about what was happening and what the claims was that were being made and stuff like that. It really just blew me away about those things.

Then like I mentioned at the beginning, finally I stumbled on Pat Flynn’s podcast, and the thing that I think was most encouraging about what Pat was doing and what really kind of put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for me was he was doing regular income reports about how he was making money online.

Most of this stuff was affiliate income, and most of it was Blue Host and how it was breaking down. Eventually, he got into doing his own things and starting his own products and doing those kinds of things. But that was really kind of the proof in the pudding for me for lack of a better expression that I needed to see that where people were starting to do things.

For me, I started listening and started paying attention and started digging in. The whole idea was to figure out ways to make money online. Instead, like I told you last time, instead of just spending all my time learning about marketing, I decided I was going to be the one who was the one selling the shovels and pickaxes and equipment to the gold miners like during the Gold Rush.

Those were the people allegedly that were making all the money. So I decided I was going to be that person instead of trying to be the marketer myself that’s where I taken my hobby that I’ve been learning in web development, got serious about it.

The good thing about that is I was able to build that into a career because that’s what I do now. I’m a full-time web developer. That’s pretty much what I do all day, every day. I’ve always had this itch where it’s been about I wanted to learn how to do more and learn more and actually earn money online.

As a freelancer, my freelance business, I’ve been wildly successful in that. It’s been really very fruitful for my family. But again, one of the big things for me is getting out of doing so much client work, and learning how to do other things as well, and branch out. For me, it’s been this idea of getting back into marketing.

So a couple years ago, I had a client who started working with Click Funnels. We’re building funnels and all this stuff. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have a whole lot of success with their funnels, and I’m not real sure what the reason for that was, but we built them some really beautiful, really amazing stuff from a web development perspective.

So I can always kind of hang my hat on that, but I got introduced to this whole idea of online sales funnels. I was able to kind of craft that and take that because one of the things that I’ve always had a real passion about is trying to help other people break free of the constraints that come with a traditional job.

If you’re like me, you get the same paycheck every week or every couple weeks. It would be nice to have some extra income and, or to even build a business and become independent of that. That’s been the kind of the dream for me for the longest time.

There is this idea that I wanted people to be able to break free of that. I decided that I was going to couple that with, instead of building websites for all these people, it’s kind of teach a man to fish kind of perspective.

I can teach other people how to build their own stuff. They can save a bunch of money in the process, and learn some of the things that they’re going to need to learn anyway, right because if you’re going to do any kind of business online, you have to have a website of some kind, right?

And if you are a solopreneur then you are going to be somebody who needs to know how to do some of this tech stuff yourself. So I’ve been working on sales funnels for myself, and what I’ve been doing in that are putting together some stuff that is helping people to learn about how to build and launch their own website.

That’s my first sales funnel that I’ve been working on for a while now. I got to say, I’m encouraged by how it’s gone. It’s been a big challenge trying to figure out the ins and outs. But I’ll tell you more about that funnel in the future, but it’s been making money.

It’s been helping people. One of the things that have been encouraging is the feedback that I’ve gotten from people that are saying, “Man, this is money well spent. This is saving me a ton of time” and those kinds of things.

So that they’re able to build and learn about the tools that we all got to use when we’re launching our own website. That’s kind of the whole idea here behind what I’m talking about. Just wanted to kind of cover again, kind of where I’m coming from, what my background is why it makes any sense to listen to this podcast.

We’ll talk about what’s working, and what doesn’t. And talk about the different tools like Click Funnels, like WordPress, like lead pages, like, ConvertKit and MailChimp and the various different email services that are out there, all those kinds of things.

Because that’s where I have been spending a lot of time learning in building on those tools to help other people and help businesses build their various different kinds of websites. So I hope you’ll stick around and I know that we’re just getting started here.

We’re just getting off the ground. It’s kind of a weird thing to try to get used to this whole concept of doing a podcast, as I’m driving into the office here.

It’s a little after five, almost 5:30 here in the morning, but I wanted to kind of put my thoughts down and build this out as a test lab so we can talk about cool things that are working and figure out ways where we can help each other to do business online.

So until next time, thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you then.

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