How to Become a Resource For Your Community

my wife and I at an FSU game - she's grabbing the selfie, I'm trying to see what's going on on the field
my wife and I at an FSU game – she’s grabbing the selfie, I’m trying to see what’s going on on the field

Happy Labor Day – another week is now underway, and holiday makes it even better!

Enjoyed a full weekend of college football and it was absolutely fantastic, and I’m looking forward to watching the Seminoles play tonight.

I know that may not be exciting to everyone, but it’s one of my favorite things in the world. My wife and I fell in love going to Florida State football games together, so it will always hold a special place in my life.

Today’s topic is centered around becoming a resource for your readers. When you become a resource, people turn to you when they need help. I want my blog to be the first place people go. Here are some topics you can work on to starting building your blog as a resource.

Create a “guide” post.

Creating deep content that thoroughly covers a subject is a fantastic way to position yourself as a resource. My blog is full of them. I’ve got guides on:

and more.

The idea here is to give deep guidance and direction on how to achieve a particular result and position your blog as the go-to resource for that kind of info.

Create a product review post

If your blog is about outdoor life, then a great way to deliver value to your community is to create product reviews. Get your hands on anything and everything and then talk about what you like about it, and what you don’t like.

A great example is Chase Reeves reviewing bags on YouTube.

I had to replace my backpack because my dog chewed the straps off, so, to say the least, it wasn’t very useful any longer. I started looking for resources on backpacks and I found Chase’s channel.

This is the review that lead me to get the backpack I bought.

His videos are great – and not only for the bag reviews. Chase is hilarious it’s entirely likely you will find yourself laughing out loud at some point at how he presents.

He’s become a great resource for people who want to know more about backpacks and briefcases, so see what you can do that’s a fit for you and your community to become that kind of resource.

Create a book review post

Read any good books lately? Read one you didn’t like? Talk about it and become a trusted resource. Book reviews I’ve done in the past still get a good stream of traffic to my blog.

Twenty Great Books I’ve Read Recently

Create an experimental post

Experimental posts are those posts where you talk about the experiments you’re doing, the things you’re testing out, and what your results are. It’s where you invite your community to come alongside you and take the adventure together.

A while back I did a “niche site challenge” series where I was working on creating and monetizing a niche site. I didn’t know much about the topic, so I talked about what I was doing, what was working and what wasn’t and it was a lot of fun.

Create a “here’s my take” post

Rarely, if ever, are any of us going to break through to a new topic that hasn’t already been covered a thousand times by others, but what all those other posts lack is your unique take.

Think about it this way:

Pretty much every blog about writing will talk about how to overcome writer’s block. Fitness sites the best foods to give you energy. Nothing really unique in the *topic* but you can provide your unique insight into the topic by creating a “here’s my take” post on the subject.


By becoming a resource you’ll be serving your community and building trust. Help them learn and find the things you can help with and you’ll become known as a trusted advisor.

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