How to Change Default Category in WordPress

How to change default category in wordpress?

Changing the default category in WordPress may not be as intuitive as you might think. It’s not one of the more intuitive parts set by default in WordPress and it can be annoying and frustrating. I’m going to show you how you can very quickly change your default category to something other than that annoying “uncategorized” category.

I run across this every time I’m creating categories and it’s something that you need to do too, if you have a WordPress website.

Choosing and setting up categories is an essential task for anyone reasonably serious about running a WordPress website. Tagging, eh, not so much. But categories? Absolutely. Check out John Saddington’s post on why using categories is far better than tagging.

Making this change is actually pretty simple. Don’t look under your category options though. You’re not going to find it there.

To change your default category you have to go to your “Settings”, then to “Writing”. Once you’re there all you need to do is to select a different category other than “uncategorized”, save your changes and that’s it!


Even better, now that you’ve changed your default category to something else, you can go delete that annoying “uncategorized” category back in your category management tab!

So there you have it. It’s not where you might naturally would think it would be but it’s easy to change once you find it.

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