How To Increase Traffic To Your Website with Three Kinds of Web Traffic – Hot, Warm, & Cold

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 69

When you know the characteristics of the three different kinds of web traffic coming to your site you can maximize the impact of your sales funnels and pages speaking a language your audience can clearly understand.

Did you know that there are three different kinds of traffic that’s coming to your website and how you speak to each one of them needs to be different? Stick around. That’s what we’re covering today on Quick Tips Tuesday.

Welcome back, everybody. Today, we’re going to talk about website traffic on Quick Tips Tuesday. There are three different main kinds of traffic that’s coming to your site. It’s crucial that you are speaking to those people in the language that they need to hear in order for you to get the desired results that you want to get out of your website and your funnel. So real quick, we’re going to cover what those three different kinds of traffic are.

Cold Traffic

The first kind of traffic that I want to talk to you about today is cold traffic. These are people that have no idea who you are. They may be aware of a problem that they’re having, but they have no idea about potential solutions or how they would even begin to solve this problem.

These are the people that are coming to you through organic channels. This is going to be search engine traffic, or through social media. The biggest thing that you want to do for this traffic is know how to address their problem. You want to communicate to them that you know and understand their problem and you know how to solve it.

This may be somebody that’s coming to your website through a Google search, or maybe a link was shared by yourself or somebody else in your audience. They are trying to find solutions to problems. They don’t know who you are and they don’t know how to solve them.

You want to take the first steps here towards building know, like, and trust which is absolutely crucial for them to be able to take the next step into becoming warm traffic, which is the second kind of traffic.

Warm Traffic

Warm traffic is people that are problem aware, but they are not necessarily somebody that knows you real well. They probably came to you as a referral from somebody else, like joint ventures are really big with this kind of traffic.

You basically leverage somebody else’s list in order to put your solution in front of them. What you want to do with this kind of traffic is communicate the solutions that you have that can help them to solve their problems. That’s where the joint venture piece comes in.

Because joint ventures give you that added credibility. You’re borrowing the credibility from the person that you’re doing the joint venture with and you help them to know and to understand who you are and how you can solve their problem from a product and sales perspective. You also can do this through your content on your blog and your website.

You do this by creating content. You do it by creating video content. You do it by podcasting. You do it by creating tutorials and do it by creating in depth blog posts that address the challenges that this kind of traffic is trying to find a solution for.

This way, you’re continuing to build credibility with them and they can see you as somebody who is a problem solver that can help them to get where they’re trying to go and try to find a solution for their problem.

Hot Traffic

The third kind of traffic is traffic that’s hot. These are people that are probably already on your list or you already have a connection with them in some way. These are people that are very problem aware. They understand the problem.

They know that you’ve got a solution, what you’re trying to do is help them cross the finish line to getting this solution to the problem for themselves that they’re trying to find whether that’s hiring you to do the service or pointing them in the direction that they need to go to find the right solution for that problem.

This is going to be where you’re going to focus in on your personality in your know, like, and trust factor that you have with them. That way they can know and understand that you are the one who’s got the solution for the problem and they’re feeling the pain for when you are interacting with them through your content this way.

So what does that mean in terms of your content? Well, you need to have content that addresses each of these different kinds of traffic on your website. If it’s a sales page, then it wouldn’t be out of the question to have three different landing pages that you’re sending these three different kinds of traffic to because your headline that you would use for cold traffic is going to be completely different than the headline that you’re going to be using for hot traffic and warm traffic.

The copy that you’re going to use for warm traffic is going to be different than the copy that you’re going to use for cold and hot. Each of these audiences have a language and a challenge that they are trying to find a solution for and you need to speak their language in order for them to be able to take the next step and move forward with you in the buying cycle.

So when it comes to creating content and the content on your website as a whole, you want to make sure that you’re speaking to each of these people and you’re funneling these traffic sources in the right direction. So you need to make sure that you’re addressing cold traffic with your blog and your content.

You need to make sure that you’re addressing the warm traffic with the content that you’re creating and the solutions that you’re providing and you’re continuing to build the know, like, and trust factor there. Then finally, for the hot traffic, you need to be making sure that again, these are people that are on your email list.

You want to make sure that the emails that you’re crafting are focused on how you are the solution to their problems. You bring your personality to the forefront and help them to know, like, and understand you so that they can trust you being the one who’s going to provide the solution to their problem.

You also want to do the same thing with your website copy on your site, if these people are coming in through the front door of your website, your copy needs to make sure that is addressing all three kinds of these traffic sources.

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