I can’t tell if it’s any good, but I’m going to keep on doing it

Produce. Create. Refine. Evaluate. Repeat.

Don’t look now, but it’s almost October.


Talk about time flying by.

And I’ve been super-busy lately and super productive. And as I’m sure you know, those two things don’t always go together.

I’ve been hard at work trying to get the finishing details on the WordPress Website Workshop book which will be done SOON. We’ve finished the first draft, layout is almost done in Adobe InDesign, and I’m working on finalizing the last few things I need to do in order to get it all done and out the door!

And I can’t lie – I have to tell you, the first thing I thought when I saw the draft was everyone has to see this. It’s going to be so cool, and so helpful. It’s the guide that I wish I had when I was first getting started building websites.

Here’s a shot of the cover I created for it:

One of the other things I’ve been focusing on is building traffic.

My main focus with this guide is to help as many people as I can build and launch their own self-hosted WordPress sites.

“Traffic for what?” you might say…

Well, one of the other things that I mentioned to you last week was that I’ve started a podcast. I’m calling it “Adventures In Digital Marketing”.

My idea is that I’m trying to put a voice and a face to the content I create. That way you get to know me better. I’ve always been a big fan of the creators out there that are putting a face and voice out there to accompany the content they create. And so I’ve decided that it’s time for me to do my part too.

So I’ve got the podcast and I’d be really encouraged if you would check it out here:

I’m also working on doing a lot more video stuff, but that takes more time, and I’ve still got some work to do there, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Getting started with this stuff isn’t easy. In fact, it feels kinda awkward at times. Especially since I’m recording my podcast in my car as I’m driving in to the office in the morning!

But it’s also true that I have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, so I have to embrace it, and push through and produce anyway.

The point of all this is I’m focusing on making steps.

Russell Brunson has a famous slogan that’s this: “You’re only one funnel away!” and that is most certainly true.

But that doesn’t mean that your first funnel is going to be the one to bring in the income to quit your day gig.

It may not even be the next one. Or the tenth one. But it’s out there, and by working, creating, testing and refining the point is that you will get there.

Does that make sense?

The point is doing the consistent work, engaging with consistent effort, and constant refinement based on what you learn will produce results. And that’s what I’m digging in to deep right now.

Producing. Creating. And to use Seth Godin’s term, “shipping”.

Doesn’t mean it’s all perfect. Doesn’t mean it’s even good. But it means that your producing, and that’s what I’m all about right now.

So – let me ask you a question:

Have you started your site yet?

If you have? AWESOME! Congratulations on getting a huge piece of work checked off your list.

If not, what are you waiting for? I encourage you to do it today. It starts with taking the first step, so take it!

If you need help, I’ve got you covered too. You probably already have the WordPress checklist, but if you don’t go grab it here:

If you need more help go here and get my WordPress training course where I walk you through everything you need to build and launch your self-hosted WordPress site:

It’s time to create. It’s time to produce. It’s time to ship.

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