Custom Stix – Monday Morning Inspiration

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A few weeks back I got a case of sticks from my friend Jeff Jones. If you don't already know, Jeff is the drummer from Big Daddy Weave, and has a business called Custom Stix that produces an awesome product.

I'm a huge fan of creative business ideas and this is a perfect example of just such a business.  What Jeff has done is create an awesome business that fills a need and does it in an incredibly creative way.

On his website you can order sticks with your own custom design, or have his artist create customized graphics for you and can preview the sticks before you order in a 3-D model.

I love what Jeff has done and his client list is impressive to say the least. 311, Pillar, Stryper, Casting Crowns, among others are those for whom customized drumsticks have been created.

I was honored to get my sticks and they're entirely awesome. The graphics are great, and the stick itself is high-quality. In former years, I used to shred through drumsticks like it was going out of style and I was always searching for the perfect stick.

Thank you Jeff for the awesome sticks! I'm inspired not only by your awesome sticks, but by the awesome job you're doing with your business.

Have you seen a really cool idea for a business? Let me know in the comments below.