Friday Inspiration – Defeating Goliath – Small Biz Wins Big

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the size of the competition in your market and the "big boys" who seem to be able to call all the shots? Me too.

This is an amazing story about a single mom with a small business, striving to make things happen, and takes on the industry giant, Coca Cola, head to head, and wins.

She was just about to make an incredible breatkthrough in to a new market when Coca Cola came in to steal her victory. But she built a solid, loyal customer base who rallied to her defense, and she was able to defeat Coke!

I learned about this epic victory from Jim Cockrum, who wrote about it here. He spoke to the power of creating and building your list and it was Leslie Zinn's list that was at the core of helping make this happen. 

I absolutely love examples like this – where someone hustling to get by and make things happen has victory like this. I have no doubt that there are tons of other stories out there like this, and they will only increase.

Don't accept the line of thought that tells you that you can't do it, that you can't make it happen, even when the odds are so heavily stacked against you. Fight every day to make things happen and commit yourself completely to making it work.

Do you know an awesome inspirational story of someone hustling and making things happen? Let me know in the comments below, or you can send it to me here. I definitely want to hear about it.