High Performance Creativity Fuel – 22 Ways to Create Content

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Ever struggle with creating content? Yeah, me too. Sometimes ideas just dry up and you sit there staring at your computer hoping that something – anything – will jump out at you and be the creative spark to get your mind moving and the keyboard firing. 

I'm a fan of good info graphics and Brian Clark has created one that you need to bookmark for those times when your creative drive to create content wanes. I'm always searching for creative inspiration – whether it's creating content, great design work, new uses for old processes, business philosophy – you name it. 

In this post you'll be quickly reminded that there are so many ways to create content, and so many ways to find something that you can share with your readers. Combined with your area of expertise, this is a great tool to get your mind moving! There are a ton of awesome ideas on this info graphic. I'll be sure to use some – if not all – of them myself.

If you can't find some inspiration, or at least a good idea, here you need to check your pulse and make sure you're heart is still beating! I'm already adding stuff to my content calendar from this one.

And for the more visually inclined, you'll obviously not miss how awesome this info graphic is.

Now, go ship something.

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