Monday Morning Inspiration – LT and the Navajo Chief’s Blanket

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You have to love it when things come together for someone who really needs it. Sometimes in life, you're just hoping to catch a break. I know the feeling. You just need something to go your way.

"LT" Who has had some health problems found himself in possession of an antique Navajo blanket. He didn't know much about it until he saw a similar blanket on the Antique Road Show and decided to look in to it.

What he didn't know was that it was worth a fortune – literally. The blanket was a Navajo First Phase Chief's Blanket, which is evidently pretty rare, and it literally changed his life.

It ended up going to auction and making this guy a ton of money. Who knows what he ended up paying in auction fees, but he won't have to worry about money for a long time. It's just good to see someone who really needs the help.

Watch the video, and see just how much his blanket sold for.