Monday Morning Inspiration – MeTag Creativity & Ingenuity

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A couple months back my friend Justin Lukasavige created a post about someone who had an awesome idea who wanted some feedback about uses for his new product. Creative and unique product ideas are always an inspiration to me. It's probably the main reason I love watching "Shark Tank" so much.

Alan Reeves has an idea of laser-etching dog-tag style tags with different kinds of information, logos, etc. His site is and he etches in whatever you want to have printed on these dog-tag style tags and I thought this was a fantastic idea.

metag-2Personally, I thought they'd be great tags to use for conference events with QR codes used to link up contact information. South by Southwest was on the horizon and it got me thinking, if I was a company that was going to have several people from my company there, it would be a great way to quickly, easily share contact information by smartphone, which everyone would always have with them, and brand them all in a really cool way.

There were a lot of ideas on that post, and I hope Alan is doing well with this great idea. The thing that I wanted to point out was that he had an idea that was really simple, but very resourceful and made it happen.

There are tons of uses for these tags and you can see some great ones in the comments. I'm sure there are even more great ideas out there on how these tags could be used. It's the creativity and ingenuity that really hit me. So as you're making your way through this Monday morning what is your drive, creativity and ingenuity going to do today?