Jeff Walker’s Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula – A Review

jeff-walker-launch-bookJeff Walker, creator of the Product Launch Formula, has written a book called, “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, And Live the LIfe Of Your Dreams.” (affiliate)

Not the shortest title in the world, but who cares? It’s about time for this book to finally reach the world, and that’s a great description of what this book is all about.

I’m always the guy trying to learn and break down how people do things. I’ve watched Jeff for years, and have seen his launches for his own products. I’ve also watched his students and their launches too.

I noticed that Jeff was on to something a long time ago, when I first ran across his blog and saw the success of his Product Launch Formula, so I was incredibly excited to hear he was going to put it all in a book. It comes at a time when I’m working on new phase for my business, and launching new products myself, so the timing could not have been better.

I tend to be skeptical sometimes when it comes to books like this. Will the author really deliver, or is the book a mechanism for trying to upsell something else? I’ve read the latter kind of books. They start with a lot of promise, but I quickly lose my patience with them.

This is not one of those books. Jeff’s book delivers, and after reading it from cover to cover, it’s easily one of my top three favorite books I’ve read in the last several years – it’s that good.

Rarely do I find a book that grips me, but as soon as I started digging in to this one I couldn’t put it down. The things that he teaches in this book are things I’ve been wanting to learn more about for a long time, so it was particularly intriguing to me.

The goal of this book is to lay out his Product Launch Formula and how it’s helped him and his students enjoy serious success with their product launches. I was unsure of how far he would go with the book. After all, he’s got a very successful, very expensive product that covers the same material, though no doubt, in much greater detail. But I soon learned that the detail would go deep enough to learn some solid principles, learn how product launches really work on the internet, see how I could use it in my own efforts to build my business, and I was not disappointed.

The Book Launch

I was on his list for his book launch. The prelaunch videos were fantastic, and really left me wanting more, in true Product Launch Formula fashion. I had so many questions that I couldn’t wait for the book to finally be published, and bought the Kindle version as soon as it was released, opting not to wait for the physical book that arrived several days later that I pre-ordered.

The prelaunch material for the book by itself was a great introduction to the content. It helps add depth to the content you read in the book. In those videos he covered the No Fail Launch, the Seed Launch, and the Product Launch Blueprint. All valuable resources by themselves.

But the best part was how the videos serve as fantastic primer for the material in the book where he gets in to a lot more detail.

The Book

Jeff’s style in the book is every bit as warm and approachable as his videos are. It’s an easy read, walking you through all the different parts of his formula, providing rock-solid actionable material, great stories, and authentic inspiration.

He covers all the big parts of his Product Launch Formula in a level of depth that I found encouraging.

Jeff starts the book by detailing his own story and his own desperation to find a solution for him and his family in chapter 1. This sets the tone for what’s to come, because you can sense his desperation and drive which lead to the creation of the Product Launch Formula.

In chapter 2, He jumps right in to John Gallagher’s story, who took his passion for the outdoors, and medicinal and edible herbs and built a business that took him and his family from “foodstamps to six figures.” This is where he begins to explain the basics of the formula, from pre-prelaunch, to closing the cart.

The importance of building a list is covered in chapter 3. Without a list, there is no Product Launch Formula, and building your list, even if it starts with just a few people, is an essential part of all launches.

Chapter 4 has a lot of great information here on his sideways sales letter. This was covered in one of his launch videos, and was of particular interest to me because I wanted to dig deeper here, and it did not disappoint.

He covers mental triggers that we all have, and how to use those triggers for good – not evil – in your launch in Chapter 5. I think this part is especially important because, without being able to build trust and credibility, any launch is going to be in trouble from the start.

Chapter 6 is where he starts digging deeper into the good stuff, and detailing the steps to a successful launch with the pre-prelaunch content. This is about building your tribe, and testing your idea, and the way the market will receive it.

Chapter 7 introduces us to Will Hamilton and his tennis instruction site. In all honesty, I’d have a hard time believing that such a site had much potential for being successful, if I hadn’t read this story. But when you create a fantastic offer and product, and combine that with the prelaunch strategy Jeff covers in this chapter you’re sure to be on the right path.

Susan’s story in chapter 8 is inspiring. It’s a great intro to discussing the details of the actual launch. Jeff covers the nerves associated with “Open Cart” day, communicating with your list, and what you need for your sales page, among other details, like testing and making sure you’ve got everything lined up for success.

The Seed Launch is introduced in chapter 9. This is a chapter that we especially interesting because we all have to start somewhere, and a lot of times, just getting started for the first time and getting off the ground is the hardest part.

Chapter 10 is about building alliances and extending your network, and potential sales by bringing joint venture (JV) partners in to your launch. If you’ve ever thought about launching an affiliate program, this chapter is one you need to study.

Chapter 11 was probably my favorite. This is the chapter where you put it all together, and go from a product launch to building a business. Jeff calls this the “Business Launch Formula” and was full of really inspiring, really great content and vision for what your business can become using this formula.

Even with success though, it’s important to be lined up with something you love, and that’s what he covers in chapter 12. It’s about attacting the kind of work you want to do, attracting the kind of clients you want to work with, and building a business that you love.

Chapter 13 takes a turn to a more philosophical focus and to working on your vision – your dreams and goals for the life you want to live, and how that’s such a crucial component for a successful life – and business. There is a lot I was reminded of here that I first learned from Brian Tracy many years ago. It’s good to see these principles continue to be discussed, and to continue to be demonstrated as effective and important for developing the kind of life you want to live.

Chapter 14 wraps everything up and challenges you to take the next steps to launch. An important part of this chapter is his discussion of the strategic approach vs. the tactical approach, of the Product Launch Formula, which really resonated with me. As Jeff points out, “tactics come and go, strategy is forever.”

The Resources

The book’s companion site is a treasure trove of material that you can use to dig deeper.

In addition to the book’s prelaunch videos, Jeff also has collected about a bunch resources to cover some of these things in greater detail at thelaunchbook.com. There are examples of pre-launch video series, case studies, resources, and all kinds of tools he uses and recommends to help.

This launch reminds me of Michael Hyatt’s “Platform” book launch. Knowing from his own admission, that Hyatt is a Platform Launch Formula student, it’s easy to tell the influence that Jeff has had on his launches. Michael put together an incredible package when he launched “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World”, and Jeff has done the same thing.

The Key Components

I noticed as I was reading through the different case studies that there are a couple crucial pieces to each successful launch detailed in the book.

Passionate Commitment: I’m not sure I like this phrase, but I struggle to find another phrase that adequately describes this quality. From John Gallagher’s foodstamps story, to Ruth Buczynski’s story in chapter 11, there is this sense of desperation and commitment that I first learned about when I read the One Minute Millionaire several years ago, and it goes like this: If you find yourself forced in to a corner and absolutely had no other choice, what could you accomplish?

Expertise: Each story of a successful launch, includes a message that will resonate. I don’t think the importance of this can be underestimated. John’s knowledge of edible and medicinal herbs, to Barry Freidman’s booking expertise, each launch had a message needed to be heard. You don’t necessarily have to position yourself as the expert, and Jeff points that out in John Gallagher’s example in chapter 11, but you need to be able to deliver incredible value with the message that resonates with your tribe.

The Product Launch Formula is the product of his own drive, passion and determination to make a better life for his family and the results are staggering. Internet business owners, bloggers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs of all stripes will do themselves a favor by picking up a copy of “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Amost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, And Live the LIfe Of Your Dreams” and studying it. In fact, I’m already going back through it myself again to find the places where I can put this stuff in to practice. It’s a fantastic book – I learned so much, look forward to learning more, and I highly recommend it.

Question: Have you read it yet? What was your big take-away from Launch? What was your favorite part?

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