Launch Excitement & Fear – What I’m feeling as I roll out The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 23

So, The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint is now available, and you can get a copy completely free! Yea, that’s what I’m talking about here, but I’m also talking about my fears about this rollout. What if it flops? What am I missing? What can I do to fix it? These are all the things going through my mind today as I start promoting this book, hoping to help a TON of people with their WordPress sites, and hoping to start generating some revenue for my business. So this episode talks about both – how excited I am, and how scared I am, at the same time.

The Ultimate WordPress Blueprint


Welcome back, everybody. This is The Adventures of Digital Marketing Podcast. I’m Rob Orr. I’m your host. Today is the day that I start the promotion for my WordPress blueprint book. I am excited and got an odd feeling from being honest.

So what I want to talk about today, it’s kind of an extension from yesterday. The book is going to be launched and promoted today. The funnel is finished. Everything is ready to go. The email campaigns are created. The sequences and everything has been tested. The whole nine yards, everything is done.

I’m excited. I’ve been excited for a really long time about the potential for this book and what this might mean for my business and what it might mean for my— obviously the income that’s associated with that and what it might mean to be there as a tool to help people build their WordPress sites.

I got to be just gut level honest this morning and tell you a little bit about what I’m feeling. I’ve been working on my funnels for a while as we talked about yesterday and this morning right now in addition to the excitement that I’m feeling about the potential for what this could mean as far as the funnel or as far as all those things go that I just told you about.

I’m also dealing with the feeling of what do I do if this thing completely flops? That’s a very real feeling that I’m having this morning. Hopefully I’m not getting sick.

Anyway, like I was saying this morning I am worried about it completely flopping. I started the ad last night, late last night and with Facebook, it takes a little while for things to get going. The algorithm takes some time to catch up and learn and make sure that he’s got the targeting right and is getting in front of the right people and all that sort of stuff.

For me, I’m starting modestly with one ad and one ad set which is very, very small. It’s got enough budget behind it to where at least according to the Facebook metrics, if they are even reasonably correct, I should start to see some results on that today.

When I first rolled it out, I’m really excited about the book. I’m really excited about what it does in terms of providing help to those that are looking to get started with their WordPress site.

My concern is, is my audience excited about it? Is the general public that responded so well to my WordPress checklist excited about it? That’s kind of my thought right now is I think the funnel is good from a technical perspective.

I think my offer that I’ve got in there as good. Just to kind of give you some background as to what the funnel looks like is you can get a digital copy of the book completely free. You can go to https://wpwebsiteblueprint.com/ and get a free copy of the book.

There’s no catch, no obligation. All you do, you put in your email address and I’ll send you the PDF of the book. You have the opportunity to purchase a hard copy of the book which is a free plus shipping offer which is basically if you pay for the printing in the shipping and handling will send it to you for I think it’s $35.

Then you have the opportunity from there to get a couple of additional website building resources that I’ve created that have been part of my course otherwise. Then you also will have the opportunity to get the full video workbook course all together in one as a as a onetime offer at a special price for the course.

Man, it’s one of those things like you don’t know what you don’t know. I do know this that might my next funnel is going to be rolled out completely differently. I’m going to go down the presale route and we’re going to not build anything until we’ve got some validation there. I’ve got validation on this one, too.

I not only have I sold this this offer stack before, but I know that there are other competitors that are out there that do similar things that have been very successful with their items that are a little bit similar to this. That’s what I’m dealing with this morning is just the fear of the flop.

I reminded myself that this is something that I’ve worked really hard on that I really think is going to be something that’s very valuable for people that are getting started with their own sites. Hopefully, some folks will be able to do some great things with this. That’s what I’m working on.

Then this morning, the email will go out to my list inviting them to get a free copy of the book and hopefully that will go well and we’ll get some response there, too. Right now, I guess I’m just a little bit nervous, a little bit excited. I’m hoping that this funnel is a step in the right direction.

I’m getting better at this. We’ll see, it all looks great. The book, the book cover, the book layout and design are all done really, really well. The funnel steps, the pages in the funnel look decent. I kept it really simple on the first couple pages and then I went all out on the on the course page because I wanted to see what I could do with ClickFunnels from a design perspective and see how far I can take it and it turned out really well. I’m really pleased with how that page looks.

I’m pleased with all the copy on the page looks as well. I’ve modeled some other successful funnels in terms of page layout approach. This is not my first rodeo with how to build a landing page. I’ve got a guide on my website that is how to build a homepage. How to Build your best homepage ever is the name of the post and where I spell out what you need to do on your homepage and what I’ve been successful with and what I’ve seen others be successful with.

I followed that model and validated that against what other folks have found that works too. That part of it should go pretty well. I think the prices are right. I think that the offer is right. I think the assets that are in the offer are right. I’m just nervous. I’m nervous to see what’s going to happen and hopefully and I’ll keep you posted on how things go over the next few days but all that to say I am excited.

I do believe in this 100%. I do believe that this is going to be something that’s going to be valuable for helping people take the first or take the next steps in building a business online or starting a blog or doing some kind of online business. That’s why I built it.

Hopefully it will be helpful from that perspective. That’s what we got going on today. I just wanted to touch base on that and tell you a little bit about how I’m feeling about this stuff because I wasn’t real sure how I was going to feel but I got to working on it, I’m like with that feeling of, “Man, what am I going to do if this thing flops?”

I’ve already got other ideas and other products in mind that I’m going to be working on that will come in and be complimentary and or supplementary to this course. We’re going to build those a little bit differently as I continue my own adventure in digital marketing and teaching and trying to help people to get going with their own online presence.

That’s all I’ve got for today. If you would like to grab a copy of the book, I definitely encourage you to go to https://wpwebsiteblueprint.com/ and get a copy of the book for yourself. It’s completely free. You don’t have to do anything else except enter your email address to download the digital copy of the book. I would love to send that out to you.

That’s all I’ve got for today though. Please subscribe to the podcast. The podcast is available everywhere that you can subscribe to podcasts. I’m now on all of the platforms. You can find The Adventures in Digital Marketing Podcast on iTunes, on the Spotify, and on Google podcasts and basically everywhere that podcasts are available.

You should be able to find it. You don’t have to worry about just having an iPhone and only using iTunes or whatever. I would love for you to subscribe. Please also check out my YouTube channel and take a look at the videos that I’ve got going over there. Those are much more instructional types of content and I would love to see your comments and thoughts over there as well.

Give me a rating on the podcast. Let me know how I’m doing. Obviously, the audio quality of this is a little bit different because I’m doing this when I’m riding into the office in my car. I’m not sitting behind a microphone at my desk and I did that on purpose to keep it just raw and unfiltered and just not be super produced and overly produced.

There’ll be a time for me to do the podcast where I’m sitting there and I’m in front of the mic at my desk and doing the podcast that way. Right now, I think is the best way and so I hope that you’ll forgive that I haven’t spent a lot of effort and trying to make this into some amazingly, super high quality audio produced podcast.

So please don’t hold that against me in the reviews. Really it’s a stream of consciousness kind of idea where I want to be on the street and out and doing things when I’m doing it and that’s what I’m doing. Anyway, hope you guys are doing great. We will talk to you next time. Until then, talk soon.

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