The Best Four Reasons You Need to Have Long Tail Pro in Your Toolbox

long-tail-pro-smallIf you’re looking for the Long Tail Pro discount, unfortunately, that sale has ended.

But if you’re looking to learn a little more about Long Tail Pro, then by all means, please continue.

Long Tail Pro and its upgraded version, Long Tail Platinum, are both fantastic tools for keyword research, and I use it all the time.

If you’re not already familiar. Long tail Pro is among the best keyword research tools available, and my go-to resource for doing this kind of work. and I’ve seen a lot of them. Some that are more expensive. Some that have more features. But there is no doubt that this tool delivers on precisely what it aims to deliver: rock-solid, easy-to-understand keyword intelligence that will help you build your project.

I’ve been working on niche site projects for a long time, with varying degrees of success. I’m learning. There is more to building a niche site than meets the eye – it’s a lot of hard work. But I wouldn’t have been able to make any progress at all without a tool like this.

A while back, I heard Spencer Haws on Pat Flynn’s podcast and since then I’ve been a faithful user. Being able to get to the relevant data quickly and easily was something I struggled with in my keyword research work.

It was hard to know what I needed to know. When it came to all the various things I could look at I didn’t know which variable carried the most weight. I didn’t know if I needed to be working on broad match terms or exact match terms. This tool help me get all that resolved and get to work on building my sites.

Here are four reasons why I love Long Tail Pro.

Getting Started is Easy

When it comes to keyword research there are some basics you need to know, like the meaning of exact match searches, for example. But so long as you have even a basic understanding of what you’re looking at, the learning curve Long Tail Pro is not very steep and you will quickly be doing your evaluations.

Enough for Both Power Users and Beginners

Long Tail Pro has enough data for hardcore SEOs and at the same time it’s easy enough to use by someone just getting started. The keyword research tool is just one of the great features offered.

Features that make sense

Other keyword research tools give you lots of options to refine your research, and they’re powerful. But they’re not always intuitive or all that easy to use. After you learn the interface and get set up getting right in to your keyword research work is easy due to the intuitive features and layout.

The keyword research tool is solid and straightforward. You can add one or more seed keywords to get your search going, and have several filters available to you to refine your search with minimum and maximum values for stuff like suggested CPC bid, local searches, advertiser competition and more.

The competitor analysis gives you great feedback on what the opportunity looks like. You get a great overview of the top 10 results found for the keyword then you can dig in to the data to see what the metrics for each of those pages looks like.

The competitor analysis will provide you with information on:

  • Title and URL – Pages that include the keyword in the title and/or URL are highlighted so you can quickly see what the top pages title and URL structure looks like
  • Keyword competitiveness – this is a fantastic metric that is part of Long Tail Platinum that grades the relative strength of the keyword to help you figure out whether or not you might be able to compete for rankings for that keyword
  • Page authority – when you link up your Moz account you’ll be able to pull in this info the get some feedback on how competitive, or “authoritative” a page is.
  • Page links – The number of links, either within the site or external to the site, those passing juice or not, that a page has.
  • Juice links – juice links are those links pointing to a URL that are actually passing some authority and add real value to a page.
  • Domain authority – This is another metric that comes from linking up your Moz account. This number describes how well a domain will be able to rank for the keyword in search engine results pages.
  • Moz rank – This is Moz’s ranking of the popularity and authority of a URL, defined by number and quality of inbound links.
  • Page rank – This is Google’s ranking of the strength and authority a particular URL.
  • Site age – This number represents the age of the domain in years.

Finally, the last of the main features is the built-in rank checker. This simple tool takes whatever URL you want to check and the keyword you’re trying to rank for and tells you where you’re at in the 3 main search engines.

The Long Tail Platinum Upgrade is worth it

Of all the features in Long Tail Pro, the Long Tail Platinum upgrade is my favorite. The keyword competitiveness grade and average keyword competitiveness score are essential for quickly sorting through lists of potential keyword targets. The lower the grade, the easier it should be to make progress in search engine results. That feature alone is worth the cost to me.

The last major feature for Long Tail Platinum is the ability to “star” or “favorite” a keyword and it’s one I use all the time to save my favorites for a particular keyword project.


If you’re looking for a powerful keyword research tool that’s easy to use this is the tool for you. Keyword research, competition analysis, and a solid rank checker all make for fantastic tool to add to your toolbox.

So don’t be disappointed that the sale is over. You can still get a great tool at a decent price. While there is no longer a Long Tail Pro discount, you can get a trial. The Long Tail Pro trial is 10 days (no credit card required) and has a 30 day money back guarantee if you decide to buy it. If nothing else, the trial is worth it just to see what it’s like and see if it will work for you.


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