Make Money Online – 7 Quick Ideas You Can Use Now To Start An Online Business

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 80

Struggling with what you can do to start an online business? Today, I’m covering 7 quick ideas with you that you can use right now to start your online business.


Have you ever wondered, what are some quick ways to cut through all the BS and figure out legit ways to make money online? Stick around. That’s what we’re talking about today on Quick Tips Tuesday.

Welcome back, everybody. In case we haven’t met before, my name is Rob Orr. I’m a web designer and developer who is absolutely obsessed with Digital Marketing. Today, I want to give you seven quick ideas that you can take and run with right now and figure out a way to start making money online.

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All right, as I’ve talked about in some of my other videos. Right now, everybody in the world is struggling with Coronavirus craziness. It’s disrupting the entire world, the economy lives, health. It’s causing problems in every aspect of life.

What I wanted to do today is give you seven quick ideas that you can use right now to start making money online and start building independence and freedom into your life so that you can build an online business and have the life that you want to have and be able to take care of yourself and to take care of your family.

Number one, affiliate marketing. This is probably the lowest barrier to entry as far as making money online these days. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can get started really quickly. This is where you go in and you’re selling other people’s products and services and you get a cut of their sales.

There are tons of great affiliate programs out there, too many to even bother to try to get into right now, but look it up. Affiliate Marketing is one of the great ways that you can get started and start making money online now.

The second thing that you can do to start making money online is selling your services. If you are a traditional brick and mortar or you are a traditional business that hasn’t ventured online, you can start today by figuring out how you can deliver your services online for your target market and start making additional money that way.

It’s way too common that there are too many businesses that are out there that still aren’t doing business online. Hello, wake up. It’s 2020. It’s time for you to start selling your stuff online.

Number three is like it. This is where you’re selling products. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a traditional brick and mortar business to do this. In fact, that’s not even true at all. You can do this yourself and not have to worry about anything else.

You can sell on eBay. You can sell on Amazon. There are tons of great programs out there where you can sell other people’s products for your drop shipping, or you can sell your own creations.

There’s tons of different ways to get involved with selling products online. Don’t let the technology piece of this scare you off. Selling your products online is a great way to start earning money right now.

Number four on our list is to start turning your own skills into cash. That’s what the book Expert Secrets is all about. You have expertise. It doesn’t matter what industry. It doesn’t matter where you come from.

It doesn’t matter what your background is. You are an expert at something and somebody out there needs to know how to do what you do. You can do this and be a freelancing. You can do it as a white label contract. You can go to Upwork and find gigs where you can earn money doing those things. You can start doing that right now.

Number five on our list of ways that you can start making money online and build an online business is lead generation services. You are finding leads for contractors. You’re finding leads for dentist’s offices, insurance companies, those kinds of things. You’re the one who does the work. You can sell these leads to your target market.

Number six on our list of things you can do to start making money online is selling coaching services. What this is, is it’s taking your expertise that we talked about in the previous point and taking it to the next level.

This is where you’re coaching people and helping them to get the kinds of results in their business, in their life using the expertise that you have and you’re applying your knowledge to their specific situation. This is where the Eureka moment happens.

This is where the lights come on. Everything starts to become clear for your customers. When they get to learn and apply the things that you’ve done to be successful to their own life and their own business, there’s tons of money to be made here, folks. This is what you want to be looking into.

Number seven, the last one here is to sell courses that teach these skills. This is kind of a step back from the previous one where you’re not necessarily getting as involved with people with the lower budgets, can get involved and learn the secrets that you have that unlock the results for them that they want to have in their own life in business. You create an online course to teach people how to do these things.

That’s seven quick ways for you to start making money online today. The one thing that you do need to have is the tenacity and the work ethic to be able to push through and to create and to do the work even when things get tough. Online Marketing is not easy.

There are lots of things that you can do online to make money but it takes hard work. Make sure you spend the time and effort to do these things and to dig in deep and to make it happen. Make sure you hit subscribe. Make sure you click the bell to get the alerts every time I publish a new video. That’s all I’ve got for you guys today. Until next time, you guys take care. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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