New Bloggers: Stop doing these things and start doing this instead!

Adventures In Digital Marketing Episode 29

Building and launching a new blog is exciting, isn’t it?!?

You start thinking about all the possibilities – the audience & community you can build, the ways you can help people with your story, and the things you teach along the way.

It’s definitely exciting.

But sometimes new bloggers get focused on the wrong things and derail their progress, ending up discouraged and frustrated.

There are a few things I’ve seen recently in questions that I’ve received and discussions I’ve been a part of that lead new bloggers down the wrong path to inevitable frustration.

Avoid these things at all costs and focus on what I’m going to talk to you about in today’s episode instead. You don’t want to miss this one!

Stop Wasting Time On Low-Value Tasks

Hey, welcome back everybody to Adventures in Digital Marketing. My name is Rob and I’m your host. This morning I wanted to talk to new bloggers — need to have a little bit of a chat with you guys because I’ve been seeing a lot of conversations lately about these kinds of things.

I want to help you get dialed in on getting started with your blog and where you need to be focusing your energy. This has been coming up a lot. I’ve been getting questions and in some of the places that I am participating in conversations on Facebook, it’s something that concerns me. Because I think that if you don’t get off the ground correctly with your blog, you’re going to end up discouraged and frustrated and you’re going to quit and that’s not what you want.

Create Content And Publish It

That’s not what any of us wants. We want you to be successful with your blog. Let’s talk today about some of the things that you should be focusing in on and some things that you need to be staying away from. First of all, when it comes to getting started with your blog, there’s one thing that I want you to focus in on and that is publishing.

Now, this can be— you’ve got a daily blog post that you publish. You’ve got your articles that are going out regularly three or four or five times a week. You’re constantly publishing and working on your craft because let me let you in on something that I think that is lost on a lot of people.

When you get started with your blog, nobody really outside of your friends and families that you’re going to be talking with about your blog are going to be paying any attention to it. Nobody’s going to be seeing what you’re doing.

Now, that is not really all that encouraging.

But let’s just be honest here for a minute.

You see the thing is, it was true when I started my blog and just as true when the most high profile people as well as the influencers that inspire you started their blog.

They didn’t have traffic. Instead, they focused on shipping their art to use the Seth Godin phrase. That they were focused in on cranking out content. That’s what you need to be focused in on. I see these conversations and I get these questions. It comes down to really actually a few things.

Quit Worrying About Design & Theming

People get totally in the weeds with their theme worrying way, way, way too much about what your blog looks like. You worry way too much about article links for SEO and then SEO in general. The feedback that I’ve been given has really just been a constant stream of, “Hey, focus on publishing, focus on publishing focus on publishing.”

Because if you’re not focused on publishing, let me tell you, it’s not going to matter what your blog looks like. It’s not going to matter what happens when the search engines crawl your site because nobody’s going to be paying attention.

When you start you need to do everything you can to be breaking through and getting your voice heard over all of the other voices that are out there in the blogging world. You are not going to make any progress without really ramping up your publishing efforts. So, doing one blog post a week or worrying about SEO on a 500 word blog posts that kind of stuff really isn’t enough to move the needle.

Don’t Waste Your Mental Energy

It’s just that you’re expending all this energy is in the wrong direction. That’s why I recommend and this is what we talked about in my WordPress workshop course is find a theme that you like that you can be happy with and get a basic logo and then just start working on your blog.

When people get started, they overthink this way too much.

I had this one customer one time in my WPLaunch service. She spent the better part of like two months fretting over colors and font styles and font sizes and all this stuff. I told her I was like, “Look, you got to stop worrying about those things. None of that stuff is going to help you. You need to get out there and talk about your story. You need to tell your story. You need to be out there and publishing and cranking out your content.”

Another one was this person was just so wrapped up whether their posts were going to be search engine optimized. We all want to have posts that show up. We’re getting new traffic into our website for people that are searching for keyword phrases. I totally get that.

I try to work on doing SEO for my blog posts, for my podcast transcripts, all that kind of stuff. When you go to my blog, you’ll see, there’s a transcript for all of my podcast and it’s there for search engine purposes. I want the search engines to index what I’m talking about in my posts so that I can get additional traffic.

I totally get that and I totally understand that. But when you’re just getting started, just getting some momentum going with publishing is going to make all the difference. I want to reference a couple things.

One New Post a Week Isn’t Enough

A lot of times you’ll see people that are teaching blogging and stuff like that talk about posting at least having a regular schedule. You got one new blog post a week or something like that. I get that from a sustainability perspective that it’s really challenging to be creative.

It’s really challenging to do more than one of those a week. But there’s a couple people that have been really successful with publishing on a daily basis. It’s what inspired me to start working towards doing that and it’s why I’m encouraging new bloggers and new website owners to do the same thing because it gets you practice.

You Need The Practice

The point of getting into a regular publication process is because it gives you the practice that you need to be engaged in so that you can do what you are trying to do and work towards getting the results that you’re looking to get. Russell Brunson, who is the guy behind Click Funnels.

They are a nine-figure company, hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. He publishes every day.

Hit Publish & Hit Send

Then there’s another one and his name may not be as popular. His name is Ben Settle. He is an email marketer. He teaches people about email marketing. He writes to his list every single day. You may think that that’s like way too much.

For some people it is, it’s too much to see all that email in your inbox. But the point of the matter is, is that he has made it a practice that he is going to send an email to his list every single day. For you, when you’re getting started, it’s a matter of engaging in the practice. You need to work on telling your story.

Find Your Voice & Tell Your Story

You need to work on finding your voice. Steve Larsen is another one that is a regular publisher. The thing is to be constantly cranking out content because you are trying to get better at what you’re doing. So when you’re getting started with your blog publish.

Think about it this way, if you were trying to learn how to play guitar if you see my videos on YouTube, you notice that in the background of my videos in my office, I’ve got a couple of guitars hanging from the wall.

Obviously, I like to play guitar. If I were only picking up my guitar once a week, would I be very good at playing guitar? Maybe over the time span of 10 or 15 or 20 years, I would get better at it. But I wouldn’t really develop proficiency for it.

Or think about it this way: say you’re an athlete or aspiring athlete and say you want to be a pitcher in baseball and you only go out and you only practice throwing once a week.

Be Consistent & Persistent

Are you going to get very good? No, I mean in the same thing goes here for publishing. When you’re publishing, you should be working on doing something every single day. Sometimes when I put stuff on my blog it’s 150-300 words or so. Sometimes when I put stuff on my blog, it’s 2500 words.

This podcast is something that I’ve been working on doing at least once a day during the week. I’ve told you all about this that I’m working on recording this podcast when I’m driving into the office in the morning. It gives me the daily practice that I need to be able to work on finding my own voice and telling my story and helping other people to do business better online through this podcast.

Rise To The Challenge!

That’s my challenge for you this morning is if you are new to blogging or you’re new to starting a website, quit worrying about search engine optimization and word counts and what your blog looks like and what your logo looks like. I mean, you want to have those things look nice. Don’t get me wrong.

I’ve said this before, you want to get a nice logo and you want to get a theme that you can live with for a while. You want to get something that looks nice, but don’t fret. Don’t get obsessed over the minor things. If you’re new to blogging, you need to be publishing every single day.

You need to be working on refining your craft. You may be saying, “Wow, Rob, that’s like way too much your way over the top here.” Of course it is. Of course it’s over the top because if you want to get your voice heard above the crowd then you have to be doing things that the rest of the crowd isn’t doing right.

It’s kind of the whole 80/20 principle, the Pareto principle where 20% of the bloggers are making 80% of the noise when it comes to attracting online traffic. Then it’s the other 80% of bloggers that are out there that are fighting over the last 20% of that traffic.

If you want to get into that group where you are part of the 20% that is getting 80% of the traffic then you have to do things that are going to be out of the ordinary. You have to take those next steps. You have to dig deep. You have to go deep in your commitment and publish something regularly.

Like I said, for me, it’s why I’ve got a YouTube channel. I’ve got a podcast. I’ve got my blog. I’m trying to constantly be putting out something new every day. That’s all I’ve got for today. That’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about.

I hope that encourages you and challenges you and helps you to maybe get a little bit of a clearer picture about what you need to be doing for the next steps on your blog. Anyway, I would love for you to subscribe to the podcast. I’m on all the places where you can sign up for podcast, iTunes Spotify, and whole nine yards.

Please subscribe and give me a rating. Give me a thumbs up. Give me a like. You’ll see this in all those places too. It’ll be on Facebook and whatnot. So until next time, I hope you guys have a great day. We’ll talk soon.

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