New Business Cards from Moo

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I'm excited that I finally got my new business cards from Moo Cards! It's been a while since I had cards, and I had to start from scratch, as I lost the template for the previous version of cards I used to create Paige's cards.

This time, instead of Vistaprint, I decided to give Moo a try after my friend, Andy Traub got his from there. I love the options they have available – the different paper options, and all the different products they have.

I've definitely got some ideas for new stuff just from looking through their site, but one of the coolest things I noticed is that these cards are actually just a bit bigger than standard size cards. Very cool to be able to have your card stand out among someone's collection of business cards.

The card stock is a heavy card stock, and the print quality is pretty good. These aren't letterpress, or anything crazy like that, so the requirements really weren't complicated. They'd have been hard to mess up and unfortunately, about 34% of the cards were missing the print on the back side of the card. But I've contacted them and I'm sure they'll make good on it. 

I've opted to add some additional stuff to my card that will help me connect with you. I want you to be able to find me and connect with me. I've added my LinkedIn profile, my Orracle Media Facebook page, my Twitter, and my Skype ID.  As you can see from the image above, I put a big QR code on the back that's just for the folks who get the card where I will create a virtual business card, maybe similar to what Chris Brogan has done.

The goal of the business card is to start conversations and connect. Hopefully if you get one of these, it will be because we've had a great conversation about ideas and how I might be able to serve. Let's figure out a way to build something awesome.