Stop the Madness! Ads are Taking Over the Internet!

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overhwhelming-adsI’m tired of getting slapped in the face by an ad every time I go to a website. It doesn’t matter where you look advertisements and commercials are taking over the internet. And it’s not just the big sites that do it, it’s taking over everywhere. I even know of a web design company that has ads on the intro to their videos. It’s a small firm with a niche market, but they somehow have figured it’s better to run commercials before running their content.

If it were an occasional ad that would be different. But they’re everywhere. You can’t even watch a local news story without being hit with an ad before they run the actual story. WordPress sites have taken to using pop-ups again – like any of us ever want to relive those wonderful days of the young internet! Save me your explanations – I know why you use them. I’ve heard all the stories. I understand the people need to market themselves, and their businesses, but really enough is enough.

Here’s an idea – how about trying to find creative ways to generate revenue on your site? There isn’t anything wrong with having some ads on your site, after all, there are some to the right -> affiliate links for products and services I use. But you don’t have to hit beat people over the head with them.

Let me let you in on something – I’m increasing your bounce rate on your site when you hit me with an ad. Yep. And I mean it too. Nothing will cause me to leave your site faster than a pop-up ad or a pre-video commercial.

We get hit with a relentless stream of advertisements and I’m tired of it. You can’t even go to a movie without several minutes of ads before the previews. My daughter is getting sold to every time we turn on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Here’s a clue advertisers and networks – my family is getting ready to shut our cable service off entirely!

Not only is it going to save us a ton of money, but we will have a lot more control over what we see, and we’ll have to be much more selective about what we watch. And I don’t have to watch your commercials on Netflix!

Look I understand that everyone needs to make a living, but this is getting out of control. It doesn’t matter if it’s YouTube,, or any other myriad of sites, ads are intruding in to every aspect of the web and I’m sick of it.

Website owners – find creative ways to generate revenue! Just take a look at what Hulu does. What a fantastic idea! You get regular commercial intervals just like normal shows, but they’re not all five minutes long. Instead you get a 30 or 60 second spot, then back to the show. I love it. And I actually stick around through the ads and see what those advertisers are promoting. I can only hope that the future of video entertainment is such as this. I don’t know the specs as to whether or not this is working for them but the concept is so much better than what’s already out there.

So go ahead, internet marketers and networks. Keep hammering away with your ads and your commercials. I’ll just turn you off completely and then you’ll get no exposure, no "top-of-mind-awareness", no brand recognition because you’ll be tuned out.

image by Kelly*Elizabeth