WordPress Website Installation and Setup Service

UPDATE: There is a brand new service I’ve launched called WPLaunch that takes this service to a whole new level! You can learn about it here: WPLaunch is Officially Open

Sorry that I missed the podcast yesterday, but I can assure you it was for a good reason. I’ve got a couple new projects that are reaching launch stage and I wanted to tell you about my newest service that’s ready to go.

The first one that I would like to announce is a new service for WordPress that I’ve been working on and planning for quite some time now. It’s called the “WordPress Installation and Setup Service”! Okay, so it’s not really most exciting name ever, but it’s exactly what this service does – get you a WordPress site set up and installed and up and running FOR you – it’s fast and secure and done correctly according to WordPress’ recommended installation guidelines.

My goal with this service is to help aspiring bloggers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. get started with their WordPress-based blog and get the tools they need to have to focus on the most important part – their content. The goal here is to get people started and doing it right.

Right out of the blocks, you don’t want – or need – to invest a lot of money getting started. The goal of this service is to get you set up with WordPress the right way so you can start creating content.

So come take a look at the new WordPress installation & Setup Service and contact me if you’re interested in getting started with it!

My apologies nonetheless to my listeners, but I hope to have it completed and up by the end of the week!

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